Weekly Reflection: II

Hello and welcome back! Today is October 24th 2020. October 24th. You have no idea how odd it feels thinking that is already October. I guess that’s a very all around feeling considering our quarantine situations and the pandemic, which by the way is still raging so wear a mask and wash your hands! 

   Over the past week, since my first weekly reflection, our PLP Humanities project has picked up the pace. We’ve just completed our second project milestone and now we’re moving into the research stages. I’m frankly very excited nervous for this project because unlike some of our projects over the past couple of years, these are VERY public, so the results better be good. before I dive into the research for my podcast episode I had to choose a Canadian that I think falls under the category of, “Greatest Canadian.” I have selected a provincial court judge by the name of John J. Walsh. While I’m almost certain you haven’t heard of him, you may have heard of the man he put away way back in 1989. Allan Legere is one of the most well known Canadian murderers, which while unsettling, is a very interesting story. One that I’m so excited to share! My greatest Canadian candidate is the man responsible for putting him in jail, even after his escape. Okay I’m getting carried away. Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks as my podcast will be airing soon!

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice John Walsh was one of the first lawyers in Canada to introduce DNA evidence against an accused during the 1991 murder trial of serial killer, Allan Legere. (Andrew Robson)

   Let’s see what else has been happening. Today is also the British Columbia Provincial Election which is nowhere as hectic as the politics down south but is still really interesting to follow, especially since by the next election I’ll be old enough to vote. In writing this I’m realizing that I have not yet heard the results of the election but I’m feeling very strong vibes in favour of the NDP, which my dad has explained could be really historic if they do win. The NDP party hasn’t won a BC Provincial election since the 90’s so he’s definitely right.

Creator: Michael J.P. Hall
Credit: Michael J.P. Hall

   Overall this week was a good one. We covered lots in class and had a couple of really interesting lectures on topics such as globalization and trends that shape our country’s identity. Remember to stay tuned for next weeks reflection and my podcast being released! 

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Weekly Reflection: I


Hi, me again. I’ve had an EXHAUSTING week to say the least. And yet here I sit, writing a blog post that has me reliving it. Why? Over the next year and particularly the next 5 weeks, I’ll be completing a blog post per week. In each post I’ll recap my week and reflect on the learning done throughout. This is kind of similar to our SBC’s from the past two years, except these weekly posts depend a lot on self motivation. Anyways lets dive in!

   This week has been hectic. We finished off our first project of the year and the results were fantastic! On Thursday we transitioned from our separated cohorts back to our full class which was honestly really refreshing. With the second wave of COVID beginning to hit Vancouver everything has been a little stressful which I find a little odd. I think that’s mostly because the first wave didn’t have me stressed at all. 

   On Thursday, along with our class transition, we started our next humanities project! Humanities happens to be my strength and my favourite subjects so I’m really stoked for this one. The project is called, “The Greatest Canadian,” and so far it’s looking pretty good. By Monday I’ll have chosen my greatest Canadian candidate and we’ll be on to milestone 2! Before I get ahead of myself let’s backtrack to what exactly we covered in class on Thursday and Friday. Who is he greatest Canadian? We have been introduced to this question and our challenge is to answer it with a podcast episode by the end of the next 5 weeks! Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

   Overall the week was a tiring one but we covered lots and I can’t wait to get even further into this project!


🎙Totally Awkward Random🎙

   Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another summative learning portfolio post! This post is monumental in the fact that it marks the end of our first project of our grade 10 year. Honestly you don’t know how weird that feels to say, grade 10, wow. It’s been quite the ride being here since I started high school in 2018 and honestly I still feel the way I did then. Confused as can be. Obviously I’ve learned a lot through my experiences and I’ve come a long way both academically and personally. But as it always seems to be, I’m still constantly asking myself, do you know who you are? Over the past couple years we’ve been asking ourselves questions like, how would you define your worldview, or how does where you are impact who you are? Now we’re at the grade 10 checkpoint and the questions we’ve answered in the past all sort of come together. Over the past 5 weeks we were challenged with the question, what does the term identity mean to you, and how can your represent a part of your identity through a podcast? Check out my milestone 2 post that answered the first part of that loaded question.

johnhain / Pixabay

   I’ve never been one to listen to podcasts in my free time. I much prefer TV or a book or even human interaction, until now. Our task for project podcast was to create a podcast plan and and trailer. We had to come up with an original idea or a podcast that we’ll be adding to for the entirety of grade 10. Of course, to tie in our understanding of identity, this had to be a topic with a twist that made it more you. I chose to create a podcast that covers conspiracy theory’s but isn’t somber or serious like most other conspiracy podcasts. Instead mine will be funny and upbeat because while some people might disagree, I can be funny and have a typically loud and arguably obnoxious personality.

   After we had our plans set and ready to go, we did some classic peer critique, something we’re very used to by now. My classmate, Angelo was my partner and I had the pleasure of critiquing his podcast plan, which by the way is totally awesome so go check it out once our first episodes air! The entire point of peer critique is to give and receive kind, helpful, and specific feedback so you can make improvements. At that point I was still very weary of my podcast idea and didn’t have a solid plan to pitch but as I started to talk about my ideas the rest sort of came to me. This is the reason I love peer critique. I always feel like the pressure has been lifted because I’m pitching to someone who is trying to figure it out just as much as I am so it a lot easier to go with the flow. 

   The making of a podcast is a feat I have yet to tackle but will soon. Making a trailer on the other hand was the task that I feel I did a really good job with. My trailer below is my final product, one I have yet to receive feedback on. I’m pretty proud of it mostly because the music I created in GarageBand slaps hard. For each of our trailers we had to create our own intro and ending music in GarageBand. Overall we’re pretty familiar with the software but here’s always so much more to learn. I also made the choice to have music playing behind my voice over. All these tiny decisions about music, context, wording, sound effects, naming, and recording are what made our trailers as good as they are. Everything comes together to show how well myself and my peers can use our technology to creatively and effectively communicate. Funnily enough that our only competency for this project was Creative Communication. What a coincidence!








(This is my podcast trailer, enjoy!)

“Totally Awkward Random”

   All in all this project was a success. I’m happy with the final product that I brought to the table and I’m very excited for our next project, which entails creating our first podcast episode. Wish me luck! 

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