✰SBC Week 8: Let’s Reflect✰

   Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the final week of the SBC! For the past 8 weeks I’ve been participating in weekly challenges! This is the final post of the challenge and that only means one thing. It’s time to reflect! 

pixelcreatures / Pixabay

   As a student, I typically have trouble enjoying assignments and projects if I’m not immediately hooked. I’ve done SBC a total of 2.5 times. How is that possible? In 2018 I completed my first ever SBC. At the time I was in the first term of eighth grade. One year later I started my second SBC, and never finished. As a way of making up for the incomplete challenge, I signed up for the spring SBC. Each time I’ve learned something different, and of course learned from and reflected upon my mistakes. This time, I challenged myself to try and format my posts a little differently than I usually do. I tried using different plugins, and practiced new ways of using Creative Commons without tools like Pixabay. 

GDJ / Pixabay

   The other big takeaway from this challenge was taking the initiative to actually do the work without the reminders from my teachers. I’m proud of myself that I did that mostly because it has encouraged me to work harder at doing the same across other subjects. 

   I figure that I should probably include some of my favourite things from this challenge so here you go! I can say without a doubt that I loved doing weeks 4 and 5 the most. I always enjoy the free choice week because it gives me a chance to talk about whatever I want. This time around I wrote a post about how I’m doing during this pandemic and covered some of the things I’ve found myself doing nowadays. Week 5’s challenge is always fun. I love digging deep pinto one specific subject that I feel passionate about. Talking about environmental issues, especially around Earth Day was a great way to get me to reconnect with outside, after all I live in BC so there’s a lot to love (except for the constant rain). In conclusion, I took away a lot more from this challenge than I did with the other 1.5. I pushed myself more than I did before and I had fun doing it!

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– Ciara

✰SBC Week 7: Emojis✰

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   Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night! Wherever you are and whatever time it is welcome to week 7 of the SBC! This week was all about emoji’s. As a fan of the emoji’s that I use in my daily dose of internet, I can’t say I wasn’t excited for this task. In the first SBC that I participated  in, I made a guessing game for this challenge. My readers watch a video and guessed a movie based on the emojis I used to describe it. This time around, I thought I’d make the challenge a little more personal. Below are some questions for you to use the emojis to find the answers to. Each question is about me and all the answers are below! Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment at the end!

Question 1: 

How old am I?

Question 2:

What industry/field do I want to work in when I grow up?

Question 3:

What kind of pet do I have?

Question 4:

What is my favourite subject in school?

   Congratulations! You finished my little challenge! I hope you enjoyed and if you didn’t I’m also leaving the link to my first emoji challenge from my first time doing this challenge here. Feel free to compare the two and if you have any thoughts leave them in the comments below!

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– Ciara

✰SBC Week 6: Schools Around The World✰

AlexanderStein / Pixabay

   Good day to all my readers and welcome to week 6 of the SBC! This week is all about schools around the world. We’ve been tasked with asking our readers what school is like for them. Whether that meant how they get to school, what their typical day looks like, or even how they are still participating in school during this pandemic. I chose to put together a little survey that poses questions just like the ones above! I’ve even secured one spot for you to paste you blog URL so that I can visit you! Feel free to leave a comment below!


– Ciara

✰SBC Week 5: Earth Day✰

   Hello and welcome back! This week’s SBC task is to talk about our earth! April 22nd 2020 marks 50 years of Earth Day. This means that for half a century we have been celebrating the earth and spreading awareness about the several different things going on that can effect not only our futures, but also that of our planet. It’s my job as a participant in this blogging challenge to spread awareness about one specific topic surrounding the earth. I’ve chosen to research palm oil deforestation. 

e-smile / Pixabay

   In almost every piece of commercially produced food, exported all around the world, palm oil is an ingredient. Not only is it a main ingredient in food, it’s also used in cosmetics, and as a frying oil. While the product can be beneficial in things such as biofuel, which is a sustainable renewable energy, the path to farming palm oil causes immense environmental degradation. Roughly 4% of the worlds greenhouse gas emission and 8% of all global emissions are contributed to by palm oil harvesting. Not only does it contribute to global pollution, it also destroys habitats for a vital keystone species, the orangutan. 

blandinejoannic / Pixabay

   Over 3.5 million hectares, or 80% of Southeast Asian, more specifically Malaysian and Indonesian forests have been wiped out for palm oil production. That 80% counts for more than just trees. It’s the home of the critically endangered orangutan. The population of orangutans is continuously decreasing at rapid paces and has been for the past two decades. Sumatran Orangutauns have the lowest population with roughly 7,500 left. The biggest question is how can we help to stop the extinction of these animals. By purchasing products that contain palm oil, we help the business and allow for more deforestation. Deforestation often leads to poaching and ample more illegal activity. The point is, you can help. Try to find alternative products that don’t contain palm oil. Check the ingredients label before you purchase any items. And finally, spread awareness on this subject. It’s important that people understand where the things in their Nutella, shampoo, ice cream, laundry detergent, and more!

StockSnap / Pixabay

A few years ago I came across an advertisement that was released in Iceland, a country where palm oil is banned. They have moved away from private label companies that use palm oil in order to help stop corporations from destroying rain forests. The advertisement really gets the message through to the viewer and before seeing it, I thought very little of the massive issue that is palm oil production. Take the ad’s message into consideration and spread awareness by sharing it with people you know.

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– Ciara

✰SBC Week 4: Free Choice✰

   Bonjour, and welcome to week 4 of SBC! This week we were given a free choice, which basically means I can write a post about anything I want and use the time to catchup on other work, which believe me I have a lot of! That might seem ridiculous considering the current global crisis evolving around COVID-19 but everywhere in the world is handling this pandemic differently. I’ve decided to take this free choice opportunity to ask my readers about their experiences during the pandemic. 

stux / Pixabay

   I’ve basically spent my time as if I were a cat. Sleep all day, eat when I’m bored and do very little physical activity. Not exactly the healthiest habits but I will admit that it was hard for me to cope at first. Having school closed and my soccer season suspended indefinitely was weird and shocking. Now were about a month or so into quarantine and I’ve changed up my habits. Living in BC comes with lots of rain but as we get closer to summer the temperature is rising and the sun is out way more often. I’ve been biking almost daily, jogging with my brother, and playing soccer at fields nearby. As for the school side of things, we started our online classes and so far I’m actually kind of enjoying them. Like most students, I miss the classroom setting but online school isn’t as bad as I would’ve thought. We’ve been working on a couple projects and I’m happy to report that I’m still learning lots!

geralt / Pixabay

   Lot’s of people around the world have been taking up quarantine activities. Some of my friends have been cooking, practicing new instruments, and even learning macramé. Of course in the era of Netflix and constant streaming, we’ve all been bingeing way to much TV. I’ve watched Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, Gossip Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy more than ever before! I’ve also been experiencing a sort of personal cultural reset back to 2013/14. Re-reading the Percy Jackson and Hunger Games series and listening to an unhealthy amount of One Direction has brought me right back to simpler times. (Not even kidding my inner Directioner is resurfacing.)

One Direction 2013

Fiona McKinlay / CC BY-SA

  All in all, quarantine has had it’s difficulties but I’ve worked through them and hope to continue being optimistic during this time! Now my question for you guys. In the comments let me know how your quarantine experience is going! It’s certainly not going to be the same for everyone so I’m curious!

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– Ciara

✰SBC Week 3: Fun With Photos✰

   Hello ladies and gents and welcome to the 2020 Spring Student Blogging Challenge! This weeks challenge is all about having fun with photos! I’ve decided to show examples of photos that I created and belong to me as well as show what it means to use Creative Commons images in an activity below!

In the slideshow’s below there are a series of images that represent a fact about me. The first slideshow is compiled of photos that I took and belong to me. The second is a series of Creative Commons images, specifically from the edublogs plugin, Pixabay.

#1. Guess my favourite season!

  • California 2017

Answer: Summer!

   I took all of these photos in the summer! They were taken in Maui, Italy, and California during my summer vacations!

#2. Guess my favourite cuisine!

Answer: Mexican!

   I can’t express how much I love Mexican food. Churros, enchiladas, tacos, you name it!

   Thanks for coming to todays Ted Talk!

– Ciara

🎃SBC Week 4: Choice🎃

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog! This week is so exciting as it is almost Halloween, one of my personal favourite holidays, of course we all know that nothing beats Christmas. Just kidding you’re entitled to your own opinions. Anyway as the years scariest day approaches at a rapid pace I’d like to use this weeks choice based challenge to talk about Halloween or more specifically fears in general. Now I was originally going to use this week for catch up and dial down the excitement for this post but where’s the fun in that! To really dive into my topic for today I’m simply going to talk about some fears and what fear really is. 

Pexels / Pixabay

   Everyone has them, something that haunts them in their everyday lives. I have friends who are scared of heights, flying, spiders, fireworks, and even bees. I myself have a rather odd but really quite sensible fear of the ocean. While every persons fears may vary there is a huge difference between a fear and a phobia. Phobias are also known as irrational fears and usually have an effect on people causing them to be inexplicably scared of a particular thing or situation. A fear is much different as it feels so much more real. When your adrenaline starts pumping due to fear induced emotions your very likely to do one of three things. Run, hide, or freeze. The sense of fear comes when your brain recognizes the impending danger something can oppose and has very little reaction time whereas a phobia is the set belief of something trying to harm you. When we are young our parents or guardians may cause a phobia to arise especially if for example they highlighted their irrational fear of spiders. This is simply one of the main causes of a phobia in a young child. Having examples set for them early on can cause a chain reaction and result in the passing down of a phobia. Fears are once again, vastly different. You cant inherit a fear from your family members it comes on its own. Most fears are born out of a bad situation or life threatening event. Deciphering the difference between the two can be very easy if you put another person in a situation that would typically cause a rush of fear induced adrenaline.

Wokandapix / Pixabay

   Talking on a more personal note, I’m scared to death by the ocean. Funny enough this is a fear not a phobia. Not being able to see what’s below me or having something touch my foot while I’m swimming is horrifying. I have had panic attacks whilst in the ocean, minor of course but still relevant. It’s story time, buckle up and enjoy! So this summer my family took a trip to Maui. We went to the island in the peak of summer and nearing turtle season. It was gorgeous and I loved almost every minute of it. On our second day there my dad tried to take me and my brother and sister snorkelling in shallow waters with a sandbar so that we could see clearly and stand up comfortably. The minute I set foot in the water I cracked. My siblings and dad started laughing as I leaped out of the water in panic when a small school of fish swam right by my face. It was terrifying, I swear I started hyperventilating. After that great experience I refused to go snorkelling for the rest of the trip. While my entire fear is based off of not being able to see what’s beneath me I realized that seeing everything isn’t much better. A few days went by, we hiked a volcano, ate to much ice cream, and went to some of the best beaches in the world (without snorkelling of course). Soon enough it was time for a road trip across the island. We stopped along at some cool beaches including a beautiful black rock beach known for the coral reef that spreads across the shoreline. Surprise, this was a snorkelling stop. I refused to go into the water because of the huge rocks and coral habitats filled with fish, turtles, and all kinds of sea life. Somehow I was convinced to give it another go and i made it out roughly 50 meters from shore when the waves kicked in. There was so much coral and fish below me and I couldn’t stand because I couldn’t see the bottom. This is where that dump of adrenaline kicked it and I began to panic. Being in the ocean far away from shore, I couldn’t hide, or swim very far at a rush. I ended up freezing which was not ideal as the water became very murky with all of the wave action. I eventually made it to shore after a lot of effort and its safe to say I will not be snorkelling for a long time.

   Anyway happy Halloween everyone and don’t let your fears, or phobias get to you! 

Ciara ✌️👻

🔗SBC 2019 Week 3: Creative Commons🔗

Welcome back! This weeks challenge teaches us how to legally, safely, and properly use and credit online images without the risk of copyright. I honesty think that this is one of our generations most valuable lessons. Growing up in an age of technology is tricky especially when you’re uneducated on topic such as copyright safety. In the past year we have worked to really drill these simple rules and strategies into our brains and I have to give credit to last years similar challenge that taught me how to use copyright free images properly in any and all of my posts. Anyway, as per usual there are a few tasks for this challenge. Step 1, I’m going to show you one of my own photos that I took and edited myself. This is a simple way of getting us to use our tools and strategies to create our own masterpieces. Step 2 is a little more complex for a new participant in SBC. The task is to use our knowledge with copyright and Creative Commons to find a copyright free image and give it the proper credit in our post. Finally the last step to this challenge is to create a picture prompt using images we find online. 

   Lately my class has been experimenting with the newest IOS updates on our iPads and myself being someone who love editing photos, I’ve been trying our some new techniques with the apps like Snapseed or simply the photos editing tools. Last year I typically edited every photo I felt its was necessary for and I chose to stick with more traditional techniques and filters. This year I am challenging myself to work with new, more unorthodox editing tools. In the photos below I branched out and tried to recreate a trend online using reflections and making the reflected side look almost like a painting. I tried my best but please feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

Here’s my personally edited photo!

Now for the guessing game! Enjoy!

In the slideshow below there are a series of copyright free images I’ve used to help you identify my favourite sport! Good luck and remember to leave your guess in the comments below




Ciara ✌️

📜SBC 2019 Week 2: Commenting Commandments📜

Hello all and welcome back once again! It’s that amazing time of year again. The season in which leaves turn shades of orange, sweater weather is back, and kids everywhere are excited for Halloween. Autumn is that wonderful time of year in which we say bye to tank tops and sun tans and hello to the student blogging challenge. Wait hold up. Yes, I did just use that beautiful montage on why autumn is beautiful and amazing and turn it into an intro to this post, the first post for this years student blogging challenge. I know, I’m literally a blog god. Anyway back to the topic which I now realize I’ve neglected to really introduce.

   This weeks challenge is all about commenting across the internet. Having the opportunities that we as the next generations have such as the internet or social media comes with serious responsibilities especially with sites and apps in which commenting is permitted or encouraged. Last year I was introduced to the challenge and was tasked with similar challenges as to what we’ve seen so far this year. In grade 8 we learned and focused at lot on digital citizenship. Commenting is a huge part of being a good digital citizen. Just like the real world, interacting with other people online comes with great responsibilities. I made a poster that shows what being a good digital citizen looks like. Below are both my poster from this year. I’ve decided to put this in this post to really show how my understanding of what being a digital citizen looks like.

Ciara ✌️

🤔Student Blogging Challenge Week 10: Let’s Reflect🤔

   Over the past ten weeks, my class has been participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. We started out knowing absolutely nothing about the challenge or its outcomes. When I say nothing, I can hardly stress enough how little we knew about the world of blogging in general. The main outcome of this challenge for me is how much knowledge I gained about blogging wheather that means coding my own blog, commenting on the blogs of others, or even keeping my homepage up to date.

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

 I personally really enjoyed the challenge. I am in the eighth grade and have never done the challenge before this year. I love that the challenge was actually challenging and built in a way that has options, leaving open possibilities for kids of all ages.

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

  The Student Blogging Challenge is something I will be participating in again and something that I highly recommend for kids and teens of any age!


                Thanks for reading see you again after the break

                                                                                                  Ciara ✌️