Weekly Reflection: I


Hi, me again. I’ve had an EXHAUSTING week to say the least. And yet here I sit, writing a blog post that has me reliving it. Why? Over the next year and particularly the next 5 weeks, I’ll be completing a blog post per week. In each post I’ll recap my week and reflect on the learning done throughout. This is kind of similar to our SBC’s from the past two years, except these weekly posts depend a lot on self motivation. Anyways lets dive in!

   This week has been hectic. We finished off our first project of the year and the results were fantastic! On Thursday we transitioned from our separated cohorts back to our full class which was honestly really refreshing. With the second wave of COVID beginning to hit Vancouver everything has been a little stressful which I find a little odd. I think that’s mostly because the first wave didn’t have me stressed at all. 

   On Thursday, along with our class transition, we started our next humanities project! Humanities happens to be my strength and my favourite subjects so I’m really stoked for this one. The project is called, “The Greatest Canadian,” and so far it’s looking pretty good. By Monday I’ll have chosen my greatest Canadian candidate and we’ll be on to milestone 2! Before I get ahead of myself let’s backtrack to what exactly we covered in class on Thursday and Friday. Who is he greatest Canadian? We have been introduced to this question and our challenge is to answer it with a podcast episode by the end of the next 5 weeks! Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

   Overall the week was a tiring one but we covered lots and I can’t wait to get even further into this project!