How was the product made ?

In humanities we first leant how about triptychs what they were and what they represent .Then we learnt about renaissance innovations and how they changed the world .We had to take notes to use for the triptychs .After all that we begun working on our triptychs .

The triptych had to be based on one of the important renaissance innovations .I choose medical innovations because I had a lot of notes on it in Craft .The triptych had to represent the innovation during the renaissance in the left panel ,the innovation now ,and the old tradition way of the innovation .

I started We first went to google earth to looked for renaissance photo that somewhat resembles our faces .Then I used superimpose(Editing/photoshop app) to photoshop my face on

What did I take away from the this project ?
-I learnt how to use superimpose
-I learnt more about the renaissance
-I learnt how innovations from the renaissance change the way we live today

Innovations from Europe and Asia revolutionized the world by promoting humanism Traditional ideas on medicine and medical knowledge that people had before the Renaissance include superstition, religion ,and herbal remedies .Many  of their cures were based on superstition and religion with no actual evidence .People in the Middle Ages also lacked important medical knowledge like hygiene .Because of that people in the Middle Ages lived relatively short lives riddled with diseases .In addition quality of medical practitioners were poor and people rarely saw a doctor .Part of the reason was because of the Church’s control of medical training Physicians and medical students .They tried to make new discoveries that fit into the older theories which were mostly incorrect .Because of that medicinal innovations barely improved during the Middle Ages . New ideas medical in the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world by helping people during the renaissance prove that the research is based on facts and evidence instead of superstition .Sparking more scientific innovations and ideas that would change the world .Thse new  that during the Islamic Golden Age /renaissance several medical innovations emerged in the Islamic world .Hopitals amplify the effectiveness of providing medical services for people ,saving many lives and changing the world . Because of the microscope ,researchers were able to describe the body at the microscopic level .For example they could characterise blood and cellular structures with clarity at higher magnification .The  medical knowledge enabled future innovations that were only made possible by the newly discovered medical knowledge . Ideas in the renaissance changed the world by sparking new innovations we use today .These ideas also promote humanism the idea that humans should embrace human achievements in education,classical arts,literature and science .Because of that intellectual movement ,new concepts and innovations that were against old traditions weren’t just shoved away .The Middle Ages didn’t see much growth in medical knowledge because they denied new concepts that didn’t fit into old traditions .Less superstition led research and experimentation also led to new treatments, surgical techniques, and medicines. With these advances, the average lifespan of people began to increase, and diseases that were once fatal now had more options for treatment and prevention. All these achievements marked a major turning point in medical history and changed the way people thought about and interacted with the world.


From draft triptych :