About me

Hi I amClaire and welcome to my blog ! Usually I would post my learning to this blog but this page is just about me.

Some things about me (Hobbies):

  • I like going out to eat at restaurants one of my favourites being Whitespot or Cactus club cafe
  • I also enjoy cooking and baking
  • My grad year is 2027!!
  • My favorite sports are basketball and snowboarding
  • I like watching tv to pass time
  • My favorite shows are young Sheldon ,Stranger things ,and Black Clover
  • I have been to many places for vacation my favourites being Japan and Australia
  • Places I want to go to : Hawaii ,Tokyo ,Bali, and more of Canada
  • I was born in Hong Kong
  • I want to run a Michelin star restaurant one day
  • I play on my schools volleyball team
  • Red pandas are my favourite animal
  • My favourite subject is history

I also made a animation using keynote to showcase some things I like .
I used different shapes from keynote and animated them .One of the main things  I used was create path in animation .
It can make any different object move anywhere you want by dragging a line .You can also change the speed of the animation .
The order of the animation is also important making sure you get everything you want in the right place .
Then i exported the keynote and turned it into a Gif <:

Here is my user guide to help troubleshoot me:

I wrote this user guide as a PLP assignment . It was interesting writing about myself in third person .

Thank you for visiting my blog ,
You can look forwards my future posts !