tPOL 2019

I can’t believe grade 11 is almost over. It went by so fast. It’s the end of the year now which means it time for my transitional presentation of learning, or TPOL as most people call it. If you would like to read about my past presentations of learning you can click here. This year as by far been the most challenging. I’ve gone through a lot this year and as I have grown, so has my learning.

For the most part, I have been very proud of my work this year. I have worked harder than ever before, but there have been a few projects that haven’t been the best. One example of this is my project for the We Shall Overcome unit. I feel like I did a lot of good things in this unit such as my comparison post. Overall I loved this unit and felt that I did a lot of great learning. My end project was not great. It was boring and wasn’t put together very well. I would have loved to be able to better demonstrate my learning of the unit in the video. I also would have loved to take that project as an opportunity to improve my video editing skills.

Another project that I wish I did a little better on was my World on the Brink Essay. This unit wasn’t my favourite, and I tried my best to do as much learning as possible, but I could have done more. I feel like I had a really strong concept for my essay but my execution was weak. If I did a little more learning I could have made stronger points in my essay and connected them better. A positive of this unit is that I learned that I quite enjoy writing essays. I love finding all the points and putting them together like a puzzle. Next year, writing is definitely one of the skills that I want to focus on improving. I plan on reading a lot this summer to help improve that skill.

For PGP, I really enjoyed reading the 7 Habits and filling out the workbooks. I was amazed with how much I learned about myself throughout that assignment. For our final project, we had to make a time machine about something we learned that we wish we knew at the beginning of the year. We had complete freedom with this project and I decided to make a video. I had so many ideas of how I wanted it to turn out. I wanted to make this really fun video of me talking with lots of cool images popping up and fun clips in it. It didn’t turn out quite as I expected but I was still happy that I got the chance to improve my video making skills.

Overall this year has been absolutely crazy. I have improved a lot as a learner. I have became a much stronger learner and a stronger person. I’m a lot better at organizing my work, prioritizing my work, and getting stuff done well. I’ve also become more excited to learn. I’ve started to enjoy doing extra research and spending the extra time to make my work good. I had a lot of fun this year and I’m ready to continue learning more next year. Hopefully I’ll get even better at learning!


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