Destination Imagination Provincials 2018

It feels so amazing to be done Destination Imagination and be able to look back on everything I did this year. If don’t dont know what it is, D.I. is a tournament that teams from all over North… Read More

Destination Imagination Regionals 2018

We did it again! This is our third year doing Destination Imagination. D.I. Is a tournament with competitors from all over North America. Each team gets to pick from one of 6 challenges and must present their solution… Read More

Destination Imagination 2017 Part 2 – Provincials

          I went to Destination Imagination Provincials and it was pretty cool. Destination imagination is a program where you pick a group project to do and present it in front of appeasers with a… Read More

Destination Imagination 2017

As you may remember from last year, Destionation Imagination is my favourite thing in the world. Destination imagination or D.I. is a competition where you make a project and present in front of appraisers. If you would like… Read More

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