Carousel of Communism

December isn’t the most wonderful time of the year only because of Christmas. It is also the time for the PLP Winter Exhibition! I have written countless posts on exhibitions now that this is my fourth year in… Read More

Blue Sky 2018

We have just finished another wonderful Blue Sky exhibition. If you didn’t already know, Blue Sky is a project we do in PLP where you have to find a problem and try and solve it. If the problem… Read More

Everyone Has a Story

You don’t have to have traveled around the world or saved someone’s life to have an interesting story. You would be surprised how interesting the little stories you have are and how much they could affect someone. Before… Read More

Blue Sky Exhibition 2017

       For those of you who don’t know Blue Sky is a thing we do in PLP where you have to come up with a problem and make a solution for it. If you would like… Read More

Mini Blue Sky Exhibition 2016

This years mini blue sky was amazing. It was my favourite blue sky project yet. If you don’t know what a blue sky project is and would like to check out my previous ones you can read my… Read More

Blue Sky 2016

Blue Sky is the king of all projects. It is a huge project that we have to do at the end of the year. I had to come up with a problem that I have. It couldn’t be… Read More

Questioning Star Wars

In school we were given a project to do. Everyone had to come up with any question that they wanted to but it had to be about Star Wars. You then had to do a project to help… Read More

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