Political Ideologies

If you know anything about politics then you have probably heard of the political spectrum, and if you haven’t heard of it then you should probably read this post because it is very important. Politics can be a… Read More

An Attempt at Horror

We have finished the scariest unit we have ever done in PLP. As you may know from my past few posts, we were doing a unit on Horror. As someone who gets scared VERY easily I was not… Read More

Who’s The Real Monster?

Everyone has heard the saying “Never judge a book by its cover.” This saying is important because as you should know, many things turn out to be different than they appear. Although we should never judge a book… Read More

Get Out!

This is the second post I am writing on the horror in a horror movie. This corresponds with the current unit we are doing in PLP on horror. I previously wrote a post on the movie Halloween (1978),… Read More

PGP Time Machine

Throughout the year I have been enrolled in a course called the Personal Growth Plan (PGP). This course is all about growing yourself in school and in life. For this course I have read books, made a journal,… Read More

The World on the Brink

In the 1960’s the world was in chaos. There was a Cold War, a threat of nuclear war, and many social changes, including women rights and environmental impacts. I recently learned all about this in our latest PLP… Read More

Mpol 2019

I can not believe that I am already half way through grade 11. The first half of this school year has gone by so quickly. It’s had it’s ups and downs but overall I am quite happy with… Read More

How the Renaissance Influenced Western Worldview

       Recently in PLP we started learning about the Renaissance. I have to admit I wasn’t very excited for this unit because I find history very boring. When we started this unit I was pleasantly surprised… Read More

Worldview E.E.

Recently in PLP we have been learning about worldview. This was a very interesting topic to learn about. Worldview is the way a certain person views the world. It is there perspective on the world. You worldview could… Read More

Body of Octavius 

  Over the past few classes we have been working on a body biography. A body biography is a picture of a person that has all the information of the person on it. We were put into groups of… Read More

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