For our final unit of science we had to learn about space and astronomy. I was really excited for this unit because I love learning about space. This unit was a little different than other units we have… Read More

Systems of Equations

For this unit in math we learned about systems of equations and how to graph equations. We started off by learning about what project we would be doing. The project for this unit was to figure out what… Read More

Electricity from Nature

We just finished a unit in science and a unit in math. In science we learned about energy transformations and conservation. We started off by getting the project brief than learning about the different types of energy. We… Read More

Algebra Tiles Can Be Fun!

This unit in math we learned about expanding and factoring expressions using algebra tiles. A lot of this unit was review from past years but we did learn some new skills too. We started off with an algebra… Read More

Chemical Reactions

In science we just finished a chemistry unit. In this unit we learned about how elements are different and how they might react with each other. At the beginning of the unit we got assigned a partner project…. Read More

Golden Ratio

Math is everywhere and it effects the way we view things. Math is in architecture, nature, and even on you. In this unit in math we learned about the golden ratio and how it makes things more aesthetically… Read More

Identical Cousins?

In science we just finished a unit on DNA and genetics. I had some background knowledge on this topic because we briefly learned about this last year but I had forgotten most of it. To start off the… Read More

Fun with Trigonometry 

Did you know that there is a lot of math involved in making a solar panel? I didn’t until this unit in math. For this unit we learned about Trigonometry  which is a branch of math which studies… Read More

Science Lab Safety

In science before you get to do anything super fun you have to learn how to be safe in the lab. We had already learned about Lab Safety the last two years so this was just easy review…. Read More

Strawberry Lab and DNA Model

        Recently I had a very fun week in science. We started to learn about DNA and its jobs in a cell. To start off the unit we got to do a lab. In this… Read More

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