tPOL 2019

I can’t believe grade 11 is almost over. It went by so fast. It’s the end of the year now which means it time for my transitional presentation of learning, or TPOL as most people call it. If… Read More

tPOL June 2018

We are so close to the end of the year! One of the last things I have to do is my tPOL. By now I’m sure you know what this is but if you don’t a tPOL is… Read More


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. It’s time for SLC’s. The name of these student lead conferences changes almost every time we do one and this time they are called mPOL’s which stands for mid-year… Read More

TPOLS 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of year again. Just kidding. It is once again time for SLC’s but they are now called TPOL’s which stands for transitional presentations of learning. For those of you who don’t know TPOL’s… Read More

SLC Winter 2017

Once again it’s is time for SLC’s. In case you don’t know SLC stands for student led conference. A student led conference is a meeting between a student in PLP, their parents, and the teachers of PLP. The… Read More


        This was such a great year. I loved doing so many projects and using technology to learn. This was probably one of the best school years I’ve had so far. I was very proud… Read More

S.L.C. Post

Recently in P.L.P. I have been working on my student led conference. here are the posts where I talk about the work I have done this year. Work I’m most proud of Work that shows growth Evidence of… Read More

Evidence of a Growth Mindset

At the beginning of the year I didn’t even know what a growth mindset was. When I found out what it was I was pretty interested. I was amazed at learning about the effects a growth mindset can… Read More

Work That Shows Growth

I have defiantly grown a lot in my work this year. At the beginning of the year my work was sloppier and was rushed. I goal at the beginning of the year was to get the work done… Read More

The Work I’m Most Proud

So far this year I have done a lot of work. I am also proud of a lot of the work I have done. It was actually kinda hard to pick the piece of work I was most… Read More

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