My Hero Quilt

For the last few weeks in school we have been learning about mythology. We have been reading many myths and learning about the heroes journey. We learned about heroes and the steps that most heroes take to become a hero. Recently we had  to make our own civilization for a project. We got put into groups and had to create a civilization then create a hero for the civilization. We then had to create a journey that our hero went on to discover the civilization. All though it may sound pretty simple it was not as easy as you may think. We were given a storyboard that we had to complete. When we first finished it we had to show our teacher. She then told us many things that we had to do before we could hand it in. We kept going back and forth between fixi

ng our mistakes then getting feedback from our teacher. This took a lot longer then we thought it would. After that we had to figure out how we were going to make our story into a quilt. Each person had to create their own quilt square that represented one part of the story. The hard part was making all of our quilt squares connect together and tell the story of our civilization.

I found it a lot easier to work in a group then it would have been to work by myself. It was nice to be able to bounce ideas off of each other until we came up with the perfect idea for a civilization. It was also nice getting to view the situation from other people’s perspectives and improving off of each others criticism.In the end we got everything done and are happy with our finished product.



My Advertising Project

During the past three weeks my class has been working on making advertisements. We had to do three different advertisements. One advertisement for a business, one for a natural landscape, and the last one was an advocacy ad we did where we got to pick the topic. For my business ad I did Hatfield Marine science Center, for my natural landscape I did Haystack Rock, and for my advocacy ad my topic was to use paper or reusable bags instead of plastic bags because they can kill sea turtles. Out of all of these ads I think that the advocacy ad was definitely the hardest to make. For our ads we had to have a picture we took and not lots of text. It was really hard to not use too much text in the advocacy ad. For our ads we had to do three drafts and to be completely honest all of my first ads sucked. I was only using one app so I couldn’t do that many things. By my second draft I was starting to use more apps including Canva, Comic Life and many more. Throughout the process of making our ads we were constantly getting critiqued. I really enjoyed getting critiqued by my peers. I felt like getting the point of view from my friends was really helpful because they weren’t afraid to go hard on me. Finally it was time to work on my final draft. It was pretty scary to be honest. I knew that once I handed them in there was no going back. I probably asked about 100 people to critique my final ad before I handed them in. Once I handed them in I was relived but worried at the same time. After all that work I feel like I did a pretty good job on my ads.

I’m a Queen?

For my quiz results I got Queen Amidala. I don’t know much about Star Wars becuase I have never seen any of the movies. I dont actually know who Queen Amidala is but from what I have read about her in the little description I think I like her. I feel like the test did a pretty good job by matching me up with her. There are certain things it says that I think are like me but there are a couple things that I disagree with. In the end even though I don’t actually know who Queen Amidala is I feel like the test did a pretty good job with choosing which Star Wars character I am most like.

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