DI Blog Post (Destination Imagination)

Hello everyone this blog post is about DI or also know as Destination Imagination. Its where kids go into a tournament and make a video and a thing called a instant challenge, an instant challenge is were you get a challenge and you have to recreate the thing that you were assigned. It’s basically like a 3 min practice for the real event are ever to was something like a building thing thats all i can say because its private info.


so this project was basically a bigger thing then the instant challenge, my group was Art we had to maybe make a little slide show the key word the “  MAYBE” you now want sucks thats all i can say about the actual project but i can tell you the beside the Scenes.

So my group was Art as you know if you have common  sense the how project was about what? I will spoil ART holy man. Anyway you could say that the project was not really art like like it was not a drawing thing i guess it was not filming or painting it was like a story that it guys yes more spoiling

Don’t get me wrong i would love to tell y’all what it is but I can’t i have not even seen my results for the competition. Let me tell you the other art group’s project was insane the production was so good.

Well thank you for reading wish i could tell you everything but bye bye



oh and here are some pictures of DI







and the link to the videos because now I can show you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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