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Hello everyone today we are going to talk all about my French Revolution which was part of my Winter Expedition. The Winter Expedition is basically a project were you present to your parents in a different way like my was doing a court case on the French Revolution. This was a great experience for me and opened my horizon to different things like open speech and group work.

Evidence of learning 

So we started this project on Nation X which was basically a very cool way to learn about Revolution. The game worked by dividing the class in half then we divided into Peasants, Store owners, Cops and Royalty then we all had jobs like the peasants had to right an 100 word essay everyday sort of that type of stuff, me my self was a peasant. So as the game went on the king was being abused by the other people in the town so he decided to step down and that when most of the peasants we making a plan to rush the capital and so that is what we did we stormed and soon toke it over and built a wall to get away from all of the royals we didn’t like. Then we had to make this thing called Crane brinton diagram were we had to make a little drawing on the Crane Brinton theory, the theory was the was 4 stages to the theory, 1 was the Incubation Stage, 2 was the Moderate Stage, Stage 2 was the Crisis Stage and finally 4 was the Recovery Stage. The was the drawing I did.


Now after the Crane Brinton thing we move on to this book called Animal Farm the book is about animals wanting to kick out there owner because he was not good at all this correlation for the project is  that the animals wanted revolution because they wanted rules and to be treated like everyone else, we had to right a little chapter summary on what the chapter was about so I guess I will show you what that is about.  So after we finished the book we got into making a finally book response were we had 1 Hour to try and right as much down as we can that was about the Crane Brinton theory. After this whole Animal Farm thing we went into groups for the revolution you had to do for the the winter Expedition I got into French if you didn’t know. So the first thing we had to do was make an Graphic Organizer by yourself and with you group I will just show the groups because that was basically all of ares together.  Those are them.

Sadly I don’t have the video of  my court case but just imagine a theatre with kids in dress clothes talking about there case.


Thank you guys for watching byeee.

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