Loon Lake

Well, well, well this was an adventure. Loon lake is this learning advance we did were we go to this retreat it’s called and basically do school work that is more fun and also none school things. 

Day 1– Day 1 started by u sitting in a class room just waiting for 12:00 so we could go on the  bus and get to loon lake, the bus was not the most comfortable thing ever because we sat right next to the engine and that was so hot I was dying it was so bad, just image yourself inside a sauna for 45 mins. After we arrived at loon lake we had to go to this little stage sort of thing but it was outside, we had a little conversation about rules and bounties. After that we got into groups and we went on a nature discovery walk, we had a piece of paper off things we had to find. The only thing was that the forest and stuff was a across water so we had to go on this portable farry, the farry was dry tuff to pull because you had to pull yourself with the rope that was soaking wet and freezing, we had a race to see who’s group was the fastest and my group won by a little bit. After we got across the water we wen and followed this path and could not find like anything on the piece of paper. After that we had to get are clothes and stuff like that, and also looked at are rooms. Now it was dinner time sand this was highly anticipating because I was absolutely starving. The dinner was lasagna and that was bussing like i was almost dying for more, it also came with garlic bread and a dessert. After we did dinner we had a little bit of free time and then ended the night with just chilling on my phone. 

Day 2- This day started off a little rough because we had to wake up around 7;00 for breakfast and I never eat breakfast that early. The breakfast was French toast, pancake and sausages with a side of fruit. After breakfast we got into are DI groups and we just did a bunch of DI at this point my throat actually started to act up a little but nothing to make me feel uncomfortable or anything but anyways I just thought right by it and just moved on in my day, that brings us to making forts in the forest, so yet again we had to go across the stupid farry bridge thing and again my hands we freezing once again. So then we met up with this fort instructor and she taught us a little bit about survival and how to build forts. So we got grouped up and started to  build, my team decided to take the high group and work from there. The forts got off to a rough start but then we got some mojo and went on so if we could use none dead stuff we would put like moss and stuff on there to get protection form all the weather but we could just use dead stuff to male this fort. Day 2 was actually a light day for work, it was more like to have fun and bound with your classmates with actually learning stuff. Around 5 something we had dinner and that was burrito’s, at this point my throat was actually not good it felt weird drinking water and all of that, also my back was very bad to. When dinner came around I did not have much appetite because of my throat, so after dinner I wish I told someone sooner because my throat was actually not feeling good at all so I still didn’t tell anyone, so it was becoming the end of the day and it got really bad and i finally told a duty aid and thats when we had to go into are cabins and get talked to about how we are feeling and of course I told the truth and said that my throat is very bad. Then the principal said that I should stay in my room with my friend Xander who was also not feeling welling to. Luckily we we in the same room so we just chilled in there on till the morning when I woke up felling way worse and sadly had to go home, which was actually s bad because the next day was the day they played laser tag and bubble soccer.

After Math

After this whole thing I got I unfortunately had Covid 19 which was very unfortunate because I  really missed the Loon lake adventure. I learned that I should tell someone even though if it doesn’t go your way you still need to tell the truth and be honest. 

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