Case For Nation

Case for a Nation 

🇨🇦How can an understanding of nationalism of the past, help us make sense of today?🇨🇦

Hello everyone this is are last post until spring break which is very hype. The project we did was all about Nationalism and how things for the past correlate to now.  

To start us off lets get to the very start of this project, we started this off right when are semester switched, it was a little weird for me because in are first semester we had are main class first then we had a fun class after. For this semester we have the opposite so fun class first then are main class and all that jazz, I don’t like this because when we had the harder class first then we get are award for say like foods or something like that. Anyways the first thing we did for this project we started off with defining nationalism and making us comfortable with the project, how we got to know what nationalism is we started be righting on the bored a definition of the word Nationalism, after we got into reading a little passage about like German nationalism we had to right on where the it was, when, consequences, how it happened. After this part we started to get into the whole main part on what Nationalism is and also what identity means. One of the best parts in my opinion is the Current Events, I liked those because I just got random facts that I can make a conversation with my family, like the whole Russia, Ukraine thing my brother was very interested in the war so I could actually keep up with the conversation. I was the first day to do the Current Event and at the time were this Running Back named Alvin Kamara was doing some bad stuff so my current event was on him and his battery in Las Vegas. This one a great part to start this project off because it was something we have not seen in PLP and in my opinion it was great. The current events helped with public speaking and you presenting skills, it also like I said it great for learning facts about todays world that I would never know. After all the current events happened it was all about the project. So one of the things I enjoyed was the historical perspective, it was just taking about say like Gassy Jack or John A MacDonald, we talked about how if it was controversial or was he a good past Canadian,I think Gassy Jack was a weird-o because he married a 14 year old. The john A thing is very controversial so I’m not going to say anything🤫.   

So after the whole Historical Perspective thing we got assigned to make 3 pictures one that was a drawing over a black and white photo, then a choice which you could do anything you want, then last was a quote you had to do. This part of the project was kind of rough because I  only had 3 days or something so very rushed. I could have definitely down better in the photo area. So I only did two picture the draw on one and the quote. At the very end of the project we had to manage them to go onto instagram and then make are own little post that was all about Louis Reil. 

How can an understanding of nationalism in the past, help us make sense of today?

The driving question was of course the top of the start of the page “ How can an understanding of nationalism in the past, help us make sense of today” . The way this driving question helped make sense today in probably the way we made Canadian legends and other into an art piece, also the main part f the project is to get information in a deferent way, which actually pretty cool. 


Thank y’all for reading once again. Here is the instagram page on were the post are.

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