Hello teacher and parents this is a summary of my half year so far. 

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

I’ll start by talking about my learning plan, the learning plan is the first thing I can remember doing at the start of this year. The learning plan is not very complex all you have to do is talk about want yourself to learn and what you want to achieve in these subjects.

As you see on the learning plan there are different levels. So you see in the photo with the black part, thats where you pick you profile, the profiles are basically what you want to become by the end of the year and the end of the semester, The ones I where near where around 4-5 thats where I feel like I could get to or stay to. What I mean about stay to is maybe I cant go up that much in those specific profiles so I made it to where I should be. 

Start of the year 

This year kinda hit me in shock with 4 different classes, and all the homework and things that are on your mind, coming from elementary to high school that really was not high school by having 2 classes a day and there both 2 hours and how many minutes it was easy to focus on on eating and get the work done, then grade 9 came up and it was a little more interesting where there was 2 classes a day still but switching every other day with 2 different classes. Then Grade 10 came and it still is not normal High school but it was the closes I have been to normal. I definitely should have came into the year more prepared and get into the flow sooner so work does not get to much to fast. The first semester I was in was very unfortunate because I had all the hardest classes right away like Math, science, humanities and even Spanish was hard. I would say that if I did not have all these classes then my Humanities would be better in the aspect of handing in stuff on time. I know this sounds like an excuse but really it was hard to maintain all of that work, from having a math tutor to having baseball and basketball and also being a bit lazy is not a good mixture. 

The first project we did for humanities was the gold rush project, this project was very fun to me because I feel like I have a creative mind when it comes to making story’s, I fell like I am in the story and when I’m in my groove I cant stop. Moving forward in this project I would love to remember to look over my spelling and punctuation because when I’m writing I go right form the head and just look down at my keyboard and just write, so I do make a lot of spelling and punctuation errors. I would love to make more story type projects in the future. I would say story writing is one of my strong suits in school, but I for sure have to work on spelling and punctuation. 

Surprises and challenges 

Scimatics 9 was a huge jump into grade 10 normal math, you could say a massive jump because in scimatics there where a few math parts and then a huge amount of actual science so that made math for all my PLP friends pretty tough if you don’t say, obviously I am doing Pre-calc 10 as well so there in so science to this at all just straight numbers. 

Science 10

Science 10 was mostly a class where its the one where you only take notes then a few classes here and there and labs and actual fun stuff, so thats means you really have to pay attention to the valuable things the teacher is saying and make sure you write down all the notes because there is a lot of them I MEAN A LOT, like 7,000 words a lot. The topics we talked about the most where Biology and nuclear chemistry those where complicated topics but when you got them it really was not that hard. I could defiantly say that I had some F.A.I.Ls ( First Attempt In Learning). 

Why talking about fails what where my biggest F.A.I.Ls and success this year in science 


  • Staying on task from being distracted and distracting with my friends 
  • Effort into studying for science tests
  • Handing in Labs on time 


  • Creating in-depth Notes to help better my learning 
  • Keeping work into chucks to hand in Assignments on time 
  • understanding the labs and having fun in class as well 

Math 10 

Like I said near the top scimatics did not have much math at all in the criteria so we basically had to learn everything in one little semester which was tuff with all the other classes going on. The first day we had a math 9 Review just to know where we are at, all am going to say is that it was not pretty. Math was a very fast paced class everyday we had a new worksheet that had to be handed in in the next class we had or the one after, then we had little to no instruction on how to do the worksheet all we had was a little note package and are brains. 


  • Asked more Q’s
  • Practices in my own time not including my tutor 
  • Stress management 


  • Passed
  • At the end I was way more comfortable 
  • Homework was on time most of the time

Humanities 10 

The start of the humanities was very good for me it was the gold project and like I said my story was really great it had meaning and also very good detail. In the middle was when math was getting very hard and thats when my humanities homework got put to the side to focus on math, which is bad that I only did math and barley any humanities. That did not make the work bad for humanities it just made the work late which was not good but that was pretty much my only option. This next semester is going to be a big step up from what I did this last semester I can’t promise it but hopefully no homework that is gunna be significantly late and not done even, there are going to be a lot of teamwork and a lot of questions that are going to be asked, also there I am going to be more into the class. The next semester I all PLP classes so I definitely can focus on one thing at a time.  


  • Handing in assignments on time  
  • Slacking off 
  • Ending off the semester bad


  • High quality work 
  • Great topics 
  • Having a great start 

Thank you for listening/reading to my M-pol

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