Lies and Congruencies

 Lies and Incongruencies 

Welcome to my blog post on our final Humanities 10 project, Lies and Incongruencies. For this project, we went to Canada’s past to analyze the idea of truth and reconciliation.


The first thing we did to start this project is a poem. Specifically, we each wrote a poem about where we are from, and how that affects how we are today. I felt like Im actual not a bad poet,I was dreading doing it at the start but then when I took the time, the words just flowed out of my mind and it took me like 10 minutes.

After that, we started the main knowledge building piece of this project; The Marrow Thieves. The Marrow Thieves is a dystopian novel by Cherie Dimaline. This book makes several connections to events in Canada’s past and present. We spent about a month reading it, and I thought it was alright. There were some parts I thought were really good, and some parts I didn’t like but I hate to admit it but I maybe read half the book. We also spent about a week learning about cultural appropriation and stereotyping.

For our first of 3 written reflections,

The First one was, First Nations Treaties this was about the long live treaties where the government always finesse the First Nations people about their treaties and all that. After a while they actual have a good treaties where kids get schooling and all of that. First Nations Treaties


The 2nd reflection was about Cultural Appropriations, we got to choice one or anything that is a Cultural Appropriation, which I chose to pick Pharrel Williams on his Cultural Appropriation with a magazine company where he wore a traditional First Nations headwear, this headwear that he had on, is the First Nations people had to earn there that head wear from bravery and things like that so the First Nations did take very much offence to this thing Pharrel did. Cultural Appropriation


For the final piece, this was called the Civic Conflict, this was about the Conflicts of “War in the woods” this was about how the government was trying to take down half the forest in the Tofino Area.  Civic Conflicts


Finally, we put all of the information we learned together in one photo collage. I decided to theme my collage around the idea of canceled sport teams. My art isn’t really a collage in my opinion, I think it’s more like a poster design that uses elements from different photos. I linked the collage at the bottom, so if you click on that, it opens them. To see my collage

Final Collage

anyways guys thanks for reading see ya Brodie.

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