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Hello everyone this Blog post is finna be about the PGP section of this semester and also the Spring Exhibition.

The Start

Whats good, I just finish the rest of PGP, for this year. Recently, in PGP, we’ve been working on planning our future and Marketing Me. In this project/section of PGP I created budgets, learnt about where to save, and how a stock market works. The driving question for this section was “How do I support my career life choices?”. Within this project I think I built my critical and reflective thinking skills.

To start of ‘Financing’ in PGP I started with a somewhat of a keystone/checkpoint called “Budgeting Reality” in this activity I planned out my budget of Fixed Expenses vs. Variable Expenses. For the purposes of this activity we evaluated one month. If you don’t earn money consistently enough, we were tasked with choosing a month in which we did. If you didn’t remember what you spent in any one particular month, you estimated your expenses. This activity prepared me for the rest of the PGP activities and gave me insight into my budgeting.

Outline for budgeting

Next, I completed an activity called “Your Financial Future”. Within this learning activity I looked into different jobs to apply to in the summer and made an end goal for my summer earnings. I then looked into the average cost of different aspect of University. I think this helped me gain an idea of what my future would be. We also made Business Cards and a Resume. The Business cards we actually showed off at the exhibition and we talked about that and another project we did I but that as in another blog so stay tuned for that. The Resume was really just for us in the actual real life world to hand to your future jobs and all that same with the business cards but we had a little more focus on that because we had to present them to all the old heads of PLP.

The Stock Market

The next topic I want to cover is called “Stock Market Challenge”. This was a big part of the end of the year because the whole class was basically in a competition to have the bigger stocks or the most ethical stocks (in a simulation). My goal was to go for ethical stocks, honestly if I didn’t go for ethical stock I think I would’ve had a big chance in winning the competition. To prepare for the stock market simulation I researched different types of Investments and Investments Strategies. I think this was an important step in this activity because it taught me the basics of stocks, something I wasn’t very familiar with.

After researching the basics of stocks I decided to do some researching on what ethical stocks I should purchase from. I narrowed it down to a few but also bought a whole bunch, and gave reasonings why in a reflection. After every week I would do a reflection about the progress of my stocks. By the end I was only up $800, but that was definitely improvement and I proud of myself for adapting to the ups and downs of the stock market, because at the start I literally could not tell you what to invest into, or even tell you what a stock is. Knowing what they are now I really could be a cheeky stock broker (100% not but we will roll with it)

Anyways fella that sit for this Blog thanks for reading blud.

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