Spring Exhibition

What’s goodie, welcome back to the Blog this post is all about the Spring Exhibition, don’t know why its called Spring when it was in the summer time but the besides the point I don’t make the rules I just sort of follow them.

So this Exhibition to me was a bit out of know where, it felt like I just started to her about it the week before it actually came around. Also it was very confusing on what we were presenting, at first it was are Humanities Project then it came to be the Maker and PGP things that we did, which where the Podcast and the Business cards. So the Business cards we did was at the start of this Project/section, as I look back thats the first thing that comes to mind when I thought of this section of PGP, but I really liked the Podcast Idea and giving exposure to are Podcast’s.

The whole theme of are section for the Exhibition was office themed so we have a huge room and set up sort of cubicles to make it “Office Themed” my section was the sports area Because my pod was themed sports and there was a lot of us so it was a bit crowded but we some hoe made it work out, there was also other people beside the guy with the glasses and the Afro, so very cramped in.






I would say that my area was definitely a Dub, I found out that a lot of people dont know a lot about baseball and they want to learn which is the whole thing about my Podcast, if you want to learn more about my podcast then just click this link and it will take you there. https://open.spotify.com/show/55Y4XFsplqNSPVR6ADRqlw?si=yPoqzcjkTDWOe4xtLEUVQA

anyways thanks for reading blud.

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