Helping the Peers

Hello grade 8s it’s Cole Douglas-Pluff here and I’m going to help you all out with having a very fun and fur fulling year. So the very first thing that I would recommend in your first year of high school would be ask an absurd amount of questions in every class, I know you just entered into high school I you might be nervous or you might not be, but your used to being in one class for the whole day and in high school your not and your probably going to have more then one teacher in each class and it’s the first time the teacher will also see you as well, so question and all things around that help you and help your teacher understand your scenario in your classes. 

That’s being me to my second point, always be on your teachers side ask questions on text in real life and also talk to your teachers like there your best friend and you will just have a better connection with your teachers which always makes your day better. 

Homework in high school is much different than it is in Elementary school, Elementary school in High School you probably have time in class to try and finish it or your teachers gives it to you for Homework, the thing that’s different about Elementary to high School Is that’s the teacher does not nag you about your homework until it becomes concerning an hen they nag you so your all on your own. 

That brings me into the next topic DO NOT become distracted with your phone or if your in PLP your IPad. Fine I am guilty of doing this a lot but I have mastered it and you grade 8s have not, but the point if that if you get distracted with games or social media you just get lost and that’s the worst because you know you can do it but your just so confused on what to do than you have to ask your friends and you feel stupid so just don’t go on your phone at least for the start of the class when your teacher is actually trying to teach you, then if you really have to go on your phone when it’s just your time to do your work, but that only means you have more work for when you get home. 

Anyways guys I hoped I helped you a little bit and I’m exited for your future in High School thanks to my tips.