CR4YR North Vancouver District Leadership Team

I would like to thank the following individuals who worked tirelessly during the fall of 2014 to explore the key components of literacy instruction together and then create a new vision and design for our Changing Results for Young Readers 2015 in-service series.   Throughout the process, the team modelled many important aspects of the CR4YR initiative, including collaboration, a stance of teacher inquiry, formative peer assessment and feedback, and  the understanding that true teaching is less about telling than it is aboutinviting learners to wonder and explore possibilities.

–Dr. Joanne Robertson, Director of Instruction, Learning Services


Ilona Wardas – Team Leader/District Early Reading Advocate and Learning Assistance/Support Teacher at Blueridge
Kendra Arkinstall – Learning Assistance/Support Teacher at Cove Cliff
Doreen Berg – Sutherland Family of Schools Leader
Ann Copp – Learning Assistance Teacher and Vice Principal at Seymour Heights Elementary
Diana Kilby – Seyove Family of Schools Leader
Anne Lawson – Learning Assistance Teacher and Vice Principal at Canyon Heights
Janet McLean – Windsor Family of Schools Leader
Heather Myhre – Aboriginal Success Teacher
Shannon Sharp – Carson Family of Schools Leader
Claire Spofforth – Primary Teacher at Brooksbank
Jessica Welder – Aboriginal Success Teacher
Stephanie Weller –  French Immersion Facilitator (translation/resource development)