Getting the Most Out of Games

Ah, video games. The recent contender for entertainment. They have swiftly taken over the world, and brought themselves into the lives of many. Its impossible that you haven’t heard of them by now.

This post will be one of five, all on the subject of video games. Branching from games I personally like and why, to healthy routine, to the genius behind some of them.

Staying healthy

Games can be fun, but they can be way more so, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and monitor how much you play them. Its important keep yourself in shape, and get lots of sleep. Eating a healthy diet, and working out can really help your mental state. I know it must seem like I’m just a random adult speaking to a kid, but these can really effect how much you get out of games. If you start playing with energy, and ready to play, its a healthy habit and mindset. But, if your just playing on your pointlessly phone, or if you are getting board, its a good idea to turn if your device, and do something else.

These are a pair of blue light glasses that I use when playing games. They help protect your eyes from the light of a screen. (This is something I use personally, not something I think that everyone needs.)

Getting Good at difficult games

I’ve been playing games like geometry dash, and if you start playing it, you may think that its a chill, simple game. But, to experienced players, its a difficult and is perfect for. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to try and improve my skills in this game, using the technics in the post. Here is the download page for Geometry Dash:

How to use your time is important. Playing more is not as helpful as playing smart. Only play when you are feeling it. Set goals for yourself. If you are playing to achieve a goal, you’ll do better than if your mindlessly clicking. Setting goals can also help you limit how long you play, because you can stop once you hit the goal. Since your brain forms most new connections at night, its not that useful to grind and practice for 16 hours a day. Whenever your not at your full potential, take a break. this will limit how much time you spent without achievement.


That’s all for this post, but four more await, so see you again soon!

3 thoughts on “Getting the Most Out of Games

  1. lucat says:

    Hi Daniel
    This is going to be very useful for me so thank you. I was wondering what game are you trying to complete right now?
    -Luca/Wildcard (also go see my blog at:

  2. Angelo says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. I love playing video games and I liked how you talking about the importance of staying healthy. A suggestion I have is that you should embed the link in text so there isn’t a long link in the middle of your post.

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