I thought I posted this yesterday, so all comments are from April 17th.

Busy day at school, but they all seems to be nowadays.

Time moves at a different speed for different people at school. I felt the day went by so quickly. An older student was asking, “When is this day going to end?”

High fives and fist bumps continue to be a good way to say hello to students in the hallways. They seem to be most popular with grades 3 and 4.

The Fire Department came by with their “Fire House” for the grade 3’s to tour through. Ask your child in grade 3 what he or she learned to day.

Man Hunt continues at a fast pace on the Intermediate side of our playground. I counted at least 4 different games. How do they keep track of who to run after? Some of the games take place on both the upper and lower portion of the playground. That is a lot of running.

Came across an older student crying in the forest today. Sometimes it is hard being her age. We chatted, or rather I chatted, and she nodded her head a bit. I had to tell some boys from her class to pretend they were good (they were monkeying about in the forest), and she laughed. It was great to see her smile. Maybe someday she will share more about what went wrong today. I told her I would check in with her again tomorrow. (Update from April 18th – she was all smiles today 🙂 )

Also came across a grade 7 teaching some primary children Irish dancing. Be careful, it looks contagious. Once one girls starts dancing, the whole group seemed to want to do it. They all had smiles, which was nice to see.

Went to a visit a class this morning and they were gone. I accused two girls who were left in the class of taking them somewhere. Turns out the class was in the computer lab, and the two girls had to go back to class to pick up one girl’s book. Why does it always take more than one person to go pick up one book?

One class was away on a field trip. They had a good time. They told me all about what they learned, the birds they saw (and nests) and some facts about salmon.

Today was a Tuesday Food Day. The kids seem to love these days. Thanks parents, and thanks to the custodial staff who clean up a bit more garbage on Tuesdays.

Started the day with a news story that makes me wonder ~ Police Handcuff Georgia Kindergartener. Really? Really? Had to share that one with staff.

Ended my day chatting with a grade 7 about the novel Hunger Games. I have started to read the book now (thanks for the loan Rosie), and I wanted her thoughts. She promised she would not spoil anything for me, but shared what she liked so far. I will have to chat with her once I finish the book. She says the movie was good, but the story seems best for children her age or older.

I am still loving this job, but I think I will go home now.

Take care.

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