How it started/How it’s going

Hello, I’m Declan and this is my school blog.

For the last while (since February 1st) we’ve been working on a project called “How it started/How it’s going”. This project is about medieval times versus modern times, we’ve been focusing on the word Worldview: (noun): a collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or group; the lens through which the world is viewed by an individual or group; the overall perspective from which the world is interpreted.


We made two images to represent “how its started/how its going”. I picked the painting “Aristotle with a bust of Homer” by Rembrandt. I changed it into me in modern times. This is my how it started (the original):

And this is my how it’s going:

They represent  knowledge and how it has developed since the medieval and Renaissance times.

We’ve been focusing on our worldview and how it’s been effected by events in the Medieval and Renaissance times. 

The Question:

The driving question for this project is “What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today?” We are the civilization we are today because of things from the past and I think the reason people study history, to figure out how those events shaped us as humans.

The Competencies:

Responding to text. I showed this competency by being able to relate things in texts to my own writing. I also showed it by having reasoning behind my writing and linking it to texts

Empowered learner. I showed this competency by developing experience with different apps and forms of text and being able to build on what I know to learn

Establish historical significance. This one, I represented by figuring out historically significant things and describing how they are important and relate to us today.

I really enjoyed this project and it was really cool to learn about how things that we know today where invented in the medieval and Renaissance times

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