The wonders of music!

I really like music. I like it because it can bring people together and it’s a great way to express things, feelings, opinions, thoughts, beliefs and portraying that in your own music, I find really cool. I also really like making music. I play 4 instruments and I sing, I play in band with my friends and I make music with digital software like garage is a song I made in garage band:


I really like pop ruck electronic and punk music. I made a playlist with some of the music that I like:

I like music more than a lot of other people might and I don’t know what other people like so I also made a survey for anyone who wants to take it:


Thank you for reading this short post about music -Declan

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  1. maxr March 4, 2021 at 7:01 pm |

    Hi Declan, I liked reading you post about music and what music you like. I also am very interested in music, and I also sing. I really like your playlist as well.

    Max Rasmussen.


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