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What is this project.

It’s the end of the year!

Well, it’s the end of the school year. So for me, it’s a pretty big deal. The most recent project we’ve done in class is about cells, diseases and cellular processes. Our job is to show how theses cells work and how they are parts of bigger things. We showed these things by making a comic book of sorts, featuring different parts of the cell or different processes.

We “launched” this project by watching a movie in class (yes I know, our teacher is out of his mind.) This movie was called Osmosis Jones, I think? It is a Disney movie about a white blood cell saving the body the “host” if you will. I give this movie 10/10, it had lots of fun, scientific concepts (I don’t do movie reviews).

The process of this project.

The first crucial part of this project was Milestone 1. This milestone was called the “Project start mind map” this is where we organize our thoughts and set ourselves up for what we know and want to know. In this Milestone I used and developed the questioning and predicting competency to be curios and think about the topic so I can organize my thoughts.

I also thought the second milestone was really fun. That one was called “disease wanted poster” and it’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a “wanted poster” for a disease of your choice. For this Milestone, I used the scientific communication competency to demonstrate how I can express my ideas and the concepts I learn about with scientific words. I used Canva to make my poster as it’s got lots of easy to use templates and custom decals and text bubbles:

Final product.

In the making of this poster I learned and develop on the “questioning and predicting” competency. I had to a bunch of research on Hearst disease and I had to revise a few times to pin down the right way to explain the symptoms and the numbers.

The final part of this project (aside from this blog post) was the comic book itself. (Milestone 1). Mine is about the cellular processes known as photosynthesis, I created a story to help me move along in the comic and to make it more fun to read. I showed the competency  scientific communication by explaining science concepts. Here is my (so far) final product):


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