People VS The Environment

What is this project?

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We’ve just finished another project. This one is about people and our relationship with the environment. This project was really fun for a couple of reasons: our final product is writing a letter, which is really cool and secondly, it was broken down using a program called Commonlit, which I will get to in a bit. Join me on this journey of how people and the environment effect each other.

Starting off

Theirs project was named people and the environment, and the driving question is “How do people and the environment affect each other?” My short answer to this question is that people and the environment have are tightly correlated and they need each other.

The project

The product of this project is a letter sent to someone of political power or someone who can create change on an environmental issue in B.C. I chose to write about forest fires and the pollution created from them. in order to write about this, I needed to find who to write to, and research forest fires and pollution. While I was doing these things, we (as a class) where practicing writing and formatting letters.

So, I mentioned earlier the “Comonlit” activities. Commonlit is a digital learning platform, that we used to do al sorts of reading and writing activities. These little tasks helped us learn some writing skills and develop the competencies. In total, there where 5 reading and 2 writing activities that we did throughout this project until almost the end.

I decided to write to John Horgan, and with my new letter writing skills it was time to start drafting my letter. I made 3 drafts at home before getting some great critique from my classmate Alicia and making a fourth draft. I made one more after some feedback from one of the older students, and yet another one after more critique from our teachers. This is my first vs final, completed version:

Sometime at the beginning we made a poem. (I almost forgot) we where asked to go outside and write a poem, this was right after we learned about the topic of the project so I wrote mine with a kind of destruction theme. It’s not very good and we only had about 5 minuets:

This was a really cool project with an awesome outcome, it’s really cool to work on a project with a clear attainable outcome like the letter.

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