Have fun!

If you would have told me in grade eight that having fun at school is just as important as meeting assignment criteria, I would have thought you were crazy. Fun has no place in a project; it’s not productive! This mindset stuck with me all throughout grades eight to eleven, and, despite enjoying during a […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Gears shift pretty fast in PLP, especially when exhibition time rolls around. Just when we were getting the hang of Zettelkasten, we learned it was time to put our note-taking careers on hiatus and launch full-force into the spring exhibition. This point in the year has always been a little crazy for me as I […]

The Final Countdown – Part 4

It is so easy to label terrorists as evil. When we see the bloody, brutal and devastating consequences of actions such as 9/11 or the Munich Massacre, we assume these individuals want nothing more than power and bloodshed. Researching online, I have found this perspective voiced time and time again in articles such as this […]

The Final Countdown – Part 3

Music is everywhere. It’s in our homes, at our stores and constantly playing from our personal devices. It’s also in every time; whether you look at the Victorian era or the 21st century you can find a variety of songs and musical artists to define that period. Recognizing this and how interwoven music is in […]

The Final Countdown – Part 2

There is no doubt that the advancements in communications technology over the past 100 years has been a turning point for humanity. Every event can be recorded and analyzed to the most minute details, exposing every evil and challenging every claim. Some of these advancements, like the iPhone, have changed the fundamentals of how we […]

The Final Countdown – Part 1

It’s hard to ignore the déjà vu. Five years ago, I was practically in the same place I am now. I was in the PLP program’s main room, giving my full attention to the class as it was one of my only commitments. Now I’m back as a senior student without any other classes and […]

Weekly Reflection #5

Three perceptions of mine have been shattered over the last week; what an essay is, what MLA Citation is and what equity is. Let’s start with the easiest one to explain. For my whole life, I have been told that the perfect essay follows the rote format of an introduction, three supporting paragraphs and a […]

Weekly Reflection #4

For the past two weeks we have been unpacking the impossibly heavy cargo that is society’s beauty ideals. We’ve talked about what they are, how they impact individuals, how they are impossible to meet, but with all of this a question was still left in my mind:  Where do they come from?  The more I […]

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