Geek-Out Reflections


The process of blogging my previous post was not as hard as I thought it would be. The first thing that I did was brainstorm. I rounded up all the facts that I knew about K-Pop and split them up. One section was about the why I loved K-Pop, another section was on how I got into K-Pop, and another section was about some facts that I knew that I thought would be interesting. Then I got started on the draft. I had to keep going back on the expectations that this blog post had to meet, and tried to include them into my writing to make this project an extending. I wrote about the reasons why love K-Pop and how I got into it, then at the bottom I wrote about the fun facts that I thought people would find entertaining. After I had my draft, I edited a photo from Pixabay to go with one of the paragraphs that I wrote. Then I went back to my work and began editing the things that needed to be edited and deleted things that needed to be deleted. After uploading my post, I got peer feedback, and they pointed out the punctuational, grammatical, and spelling errors that they found in my post, so I went back on it again to edit and fix the things that they pointed out was incorrect. Overall, I think that the process of this blog post went much smoother and faster and more professionally than the process of my very first blog.


Something different about the previous post and all my other ones were that instead of just introducing myself and writing about things that I thought they would want to know about me, I got to write about something that I wanted to write about. I got to write about the good things about it and the words came flowing naturally to me, but for my introduction posts, I had to really sit and think about what to write, and what exclude, and what facts about me I thought everyone would want to read about. I think that this post was really a fun project, and I really liked that I got to really geek-out to my extent, and even though I had some expectations to meet, I wasn’t as hard to reach as all the other ones were. I feel that there was a big difference with the process, my opinion, the result of this post and the other previous posts.


I really enjoyed creating this post, because like I said before, I really enjoyed the fact that I got to get really into my passion and I really had fun writing about it, hoping that everyone out there would enjoy it too, but mostly, this project was about me, and it gave me an opportunity to geek-out, and pour out my knowledge and passion without anyone judging, because I had the excuse to say that this was my assignment. So yes, my answer is I really, genuinely enjoyed this assignment.


Something new that I learned/discovered about myself is that I really am a geek! I didn’t really know before, since I never got the chance to geek out, and discover how much I really enjoyed a topic, but writing this page made me realize how much of a geek I was about K-Pop. This discovery also helped me appreciate the music and their creators a lot more than I did before, and got me even more into K-Pop than I was before. I think that this experience was a good one for me, and I discovered things about myself that benefits me, and somehow others too.


The challenges that I faced through this process was surprisingly, not a lot. I already mentioned that writing the page was a breeze, but if I really think about it, the most challenging thing about making the page was probably the brainstorming. I had a hard time deciding what topic to do, because it turns out that I had many things that I wanted to geek-out about. After I decided on what I wanted to write about, I also had a bit of a hard time raking up all the information in my brain that I needed for this blog. But I was able to overcome all of these challenges, and after all the hard things were done and taken care of, the drafting and revising was a breeze.


The easiest part of this process was, like I said before, the drafting and editing. I already knew what I was going to write about, and the information I needed to write it, so the words came really easily to me, and the typing and revising was quite enjoyable.


I am going to be posting on my blogs, to update and write about things that I like more, and I’m most likely going to upload some recipes as well, but I don’t think that my posts will be as often. I really want to post more geek-out posts, so you can expect more random and geeky updates. Thank you for reading this post, and all my previous ones as well! I promise to update soon!

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