January 23

Making Interesting Images

Images’ Usefulness

How might I use the still image to create and communicate through technology? Well, I think that there are several ways to create and communicate using still images. We can communicate to others by using emojis. We use emojis all the time to express what we’re feeling. When we find something funny we might send a laughing emoji, or if we feel sad than we can send a crying emoji. Emojis are something that everyone around the world uses, and it’s a very simple way to communicate yourself to others using still images. We can create things using images as well. For example, when you are making a slideshow or a presentation, instead of having just words, we can use images to make the information easy to process. You might include a diagram to show what the words can’t explain, and you can make visual graphs and charts to further prove your point. Visual representations are very helpful and make the presentation more easy to listen to and the information is easier to take in. Still images make presentations and slideshows complete when creating them. And those are just some examples of how you can use images to create and communicate! There are many many creative ways that you can use the images for many different things.


I the slides you see below are some of the assignments that I did in making interesting images! The title page was a collage, and I walked a round my school and took pictures of letters to spell out my name!


I learned a lot of new camera and photography skills through this unit, but my top three favorite ones are these;

  1. I liked the markup skills that we learned that I used to animate photos. I really like this skill because its such a useful and fun skill to use to add a pop of color or your own artistic twist to your photos.
  2. I liked the bird’s eye view skill that we learned, because I love how if you get the right lighting and timing, the main item in the photo looks like it was cropped in, even though it wasn’t. I find that effect to creative and fun, and I think that it makes the photo that much better.
  3. I also really liked the grid setting for the camera app, because it helps me take better photos, and it makes the item in the image the center of attention, and really helps draw the audience’s focus to it.

There are lots of things that you can do with images, and skills you can use to make those images. Those were just a few of my favorites that I listed out, and I hope that this post has inspired you to go and explore your own skills and make your own images to express and communicate! Good luck!

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