Winter Exhibition Reflection

Winter Exhibition Reflection

‘What did James Cameron’s fantasy world of Avatar teach us about the real world?’ Well, that question wasn’t one that could be answered in a simple way. Everyone thought that there were way more than one answer to the driving question, but they chose one them that they thought Avatar taught us the most. We were supposed to make a model that includes a box somewhere in it that helps us answer the driving question, and record our process and progress in a launch journal. The theme that I chose was ‘the conflicts between humans and nature’. Everyone had their own takes on a theme, so everybody had to write a them statement according to their opinions on the theme that they chose. My theme statement was, ‘people enjoy the natural resources that nature gives us, but sometimes we take more than we should because of the temptations’.


Their were many steps of this project that we had to get done, and the first step was to choose a theme and write a theme statement. After we had that, we had to design a prototype for our model, and plan out how we were going to include our theme statement, a box, and include a scene or an element from the movie in our model. This was my prototype:After we had the prototype, the next step was to plan out what we were going to buy, where to buy it, and when to buy it. Then it was time for building! We had a week to build our models, and to get everything that we thought we needed to get done, done. Once everybody had their boxes complete, we planned our room decoration with everyone else in our room group. Every group had a different decoration theme, and had three days to plan and decorate our rooms. Finally it was the day of exhibition. After school, everyone went to their rooms and started decorating. Around 4:30, we had dinner, and at 5:30 the exhibition doors opened for the public to come in and enjoy. After the doors closed at 8:30 everyone started cleaning up and going home.


Something that I felt in my opinion went well during this process was the teamwork and cooperation of everybody while decorating the rooms in a short amount of time, and cleaning up after exhibition. I was very happy and impressed at the fact that everyone was able to work well together to clean up quickly and get home. I also think that everyone did really well presenting their boxes to the public, and with the social interaction that they had to engage in while presenting their boxes.


Some challenges that I think that we faced during this exhibition process was the food and drinks that were meant for the guests. A lot of people were taking their own foods, or going to other peoples rooms taking their foods during decoration, and I think that was a really big problem. Another challenge that we faced were that some older grades were either being too bossy, or not contributing to the work at all. I feel that a lot of the rooms could have used more man power.  I think that these were some of the challenges that we faced, but something that we can overcome and improve on the next time we do an exhibition or something similar to one.

Overall, I think that this process was a fun and interesting one, and it helped us learn a lesson of cooperation, time management, and a better understanding of what the fantasy world of Avatar teaches us. Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope to see your feedback! See you at my next update!

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