My Transitional Presentation of Learning 2024!

POL Declaration 

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning, I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.


The question that I will be answering today is “How can you showcase evidence to demonstrate that PLP Success Behaviors have prepared you to advance to the next grade?” Well, since my MPOL, I’ve had a lot of time to improve, reflect, and work on my success behaviors that I told myself I would work on. Now that Grade 9 is finally coming to an end, I think that I am ready to transition into a Grade 10 student. I feel that I am ready to take on grade 10 because I am excited for the coming challenges to overcome, field studies to go to, as well as the exhibitions to present in, and projects to make.

Overview of My School Year

This year, I had three PLP classes through out the 2 semesters. Science, Humanities, and Maker. In Science, I received a proficient grade. I have always struggled in science, and had a hard time understanding it, even before PLP. I am satisfied with this grade, because I know that I tried my best to go over the bare minimum standards, and asked many questions when I didn’t understand. My favorite project in science this year was the ‘ChemHISTORY’ project. It was really fun to learn more about the elements on the periodic table, as well as their history. I especially enjoyed being able to make a stamp of my chosen element and displaying it in an art gallery. 

My overall grade this year on Humanities was also a proficient. I am a bit more hard on myself with this grade, especially since I don’t really struggle in this subject. I mentioned in my MPOL that I had a tendency to reach the bare minimum and stay there. I’m going to be very honest here and say that I didn’t make much of an effort to go beyond expectations, until spring exhibition came around. I don’t know why I decided to reach for an extending for this particular project, but I’m glad that I did. I think that I did pretty well on this project, and I’m proud of myself for it, and I will elaborate why I think this in a bit. 

Last but not least, my overall grade this year on Maker was an extending. I was able to get an extending, because to quote Mr.Harris “We were impressed at your ability to refine your storytelling while using the design cycle to create some great projects within Semester 1. For example, you were able to show us appropriate videography skills when shooting, editing, and aligning your storytelling with an existing film in ‘Running a Remake.’” I have never been too confident in my story telling skills before, so I’m really proud of myself for this achievement.

How did I Grow as a Learner This Year?

Some of my strengths that I think will really help me in my transition to a Grade 10 is my skill set in preparation both in and out of school. One project that really shows this was our spring exhibition project. For our spring exhibition, we were told to create a graphic novel based on an event that happened in world war 1. I was very stressed at first, since I had to create a story line and draw at least 20 panels from scratch. But once I planned out what I was going to get done each day leading up to the exhibition, I was able to get my novel done 3 days in advance. Then with the extra time I had left I could help out with other things for the exhibition. 

Another one of my success behaviors I was able to grow on this year was my ability to accept feedback. In my MPOL,  I talked about how I wanted to work on accepting feedback and using it to revise on my projects, and I feel that I have grown significantly in that skill set since my MPOL. A project that supports this was my nationalism project. For this assignment, I had to make an educational video on my assigned country’s nationalism. After I had made my video on Indian Nationalism, I sent it over to some of my friends and asked for feedback. I got a few feedbacks on how I should change some of my filming angles, or how I should add more media on this particular part of my video. And even though I was done with the video and felt too lazy to fix anything, I forced myself to take the feedbacks that I received and revised my video, and it definitely turned out better than it used to be.

What Are Some Skills I Need to Work On?

While I was writing this blog post, I had to look back at the success behaviors for PLP students, and take a self reflection/Assessment on where I think I am on showing each of the skill sets. One thing I noticed I need to work on is my self regulation skills, particularly balancing my schoolwork, activities, and social life. I have noticed, and I’m sure my mom has too, that I tend to complain about how busy I am with either homework, sports team, or other out-of-school activities. I think that one project I really notice myself struggling with this skill set on was my DI tournaments. I had quite a bit of a difficult time juggling between doing my assigned job in my team, finishing current school work/assignments, and other out-of-school activities. And during that time I found myself blaming other people for the stress that I had like my group mates or teachers. But now that I think about it, I don’t think that it was anyone’s fault. I realize now that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes, and that I can always ask for help when I need it. 


Overall, I think that this year was a great year to improve on my skills and learn new ones. I have learned so much this year and grown so much as a learner, gaining new skills that I can actually put to use for the real world, and not just school. I’m ready to take on grade 10 PLP because I want to grow from my weaknesses and put my strengths to use. I believe that all of the evidence that I have given throughout this presentation further supports the fact that I am ready to transition into grade 10. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming exhibitions, POLs, projects, assignments, challenges, and especially field study trips that will teach me so many things next year. I’ve already done it for two years, so how hard can another year be?

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