Winter exhibition

What can the outsiders teach us about world view?

What is world view? What is The Outsiders? What even is an exhibition? 

Ruby underneath our outsiders sign in the library

The driving question for this humanities project was “What can the Outsiders teach us about world view?”. World view was explained to us as being “the goggles you see the world through” and it connects to the 1967 novel The Outsiders by S.E Hinton a lot. When I first read the book I thought there were too many characters, but after completing the exhibition I realized that having all those characters showed how everybody has different world views. World view is so much more then just a perspective or a thought about the world, it’s affected by everything around you.


The main character, Ponyboy Curtis has a strong world view. He values knowledge and his family and putting others before himself, as he shows when he saved the children from the burning church. Even though his world view may share things with the other greasers because of how they’re all bonded together by their society and economic class, all of their views are still very different from each other because of their experiences. Ponyboy and Johnny’s world views may have differences in some matters, even though they have the shared experience of having their parents, in some way, absent from their lives, their world view is still different because of the way the were absent, Ponyboys parents died in a car accident and Johnny’s parents were abusive and neglectful. Even though they can both sympathize for each other because they both know the pain of losing parents because of all of their other experiences they will both see it in different ways and it will effect the rest of their lives in different ways.


Our set

For the exhibition we created a tableaux of a scene from The Outsiders. A tableaux is a “living picture” where the actors are posed and stay still and silent while they show a scene.                                      

For our tableaux we got the scene “The Rumble”, it’s the climax of the book where the greasers and soc’s get into a big fight to prove if the soc’s where superior. They fought because of their world views, the soc’s thinking they’re better than the greasers because they had more money and society telling them that having more money makes them better than the greasers. the greasers were fighting to prove them wrong and because of society telling them that because they are greasers they are criminals and have to be enemy’s with the soc’s. 

Cameron setting up our props
Me setting up our backdrop







We did lots of work to build to our final tableaux, we created a movie poster to put at our set to help add to the feeling and show the book, we made costumes of what our character may have worn, we wrote our script, made set pieces and worked on changing the scene from the 1960s to 2021. We also did lots more work and learning so we could create all the aspects that went into making our first exhibition successful!

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