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A Post About Maximum Surface Area


This post marks the end of another Scimatics project. This one was all about surface area,  volume, and 3D shapes. One of my favourite things to  do in math.

If you couldn’t tell, I was not trying to be sarcastic. I actually really enjoy calculating the surface area and volume of random prisms. I’m a weirdo, but whatever. We can discuss my strange interests another time.

The premise of this project was to design an inanimate object on a 3D program called Tinkercad. We either had to design the object so that it had as much surface  area or volume as possible. At first, I didn’t really understand the project. If you’re trying to get maximum volume, why not make the object the size of Vancouver? The size of Earth? It turns out that it had to be smaller that 10cm squared. That made a bit more sense.

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A Post About Overexcited Atoms


We recently completed our latest Scimatics project. This one was all about the Kinetic Molecular Theory and chemicals! It was fun, but boy, was it hard (for me, anyways)!

Our task was to code a game or interactive simulator representing the kinetic molecular theory and states of matter using Scratch. I usually really enjoy Scratch, but I really struggled with this project.

Let’s take a look at our driving question:

How is the motion of atoms and molecules related to temperature?

Pretty self-explanatory.

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A Post About Triangular Laser Paths


Welcome to another Scimatics blog post! It’s been a while since I posted. Missed me?

This unit was about light (for Science) and the Pythagorean Theorem (for Math). The theme for this project was especially interesting though: Star Wars!

Every year, PLP host a Winter Exhibition, which shows off the work that the students have done to the general public. The theme this year was Star Wars, (hooray!) since the new addition to the saga, The Rise of Skywalker, came out recently. I was really excited about this theme, since the Star Wars movies are some of my favourites!
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A Post About Plate Tectonics


My first Scimatics blog post! How exciting.

In Scimatics we recently finished a unit on plate tectonics. It was really interesting to learn about our earth, and how we are actually standing on huge slabs of rock that move around under our feet. In this unit, we worked on three Curricular Competencies:

  • Questioning and Predicting
  • Applying and Innovating
  • Evaluating

We had 5 Milestones to complete in this project. One of them is this blog post.

The most important Milestone was the Tectonics Book. It had to include at least 10 Key Concepts from the textbook pages we read, and we shared it with grade 4s and 5s from Cove Cliff Elementary School.

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