Reflecting on the exhibition.

I think that the exhibition was an amazing opportunity for me to grow as a learner and as a person. It was actually I really fun experience (even though my legs were killing me by the end) and I had some fun with my friends. In the exhibition I think that I improved with talking to people in a work environment. I say this because, when I was in elementary school I thought that I sucked at presenting. The real reason why I was so bad at it was because I was limiting myself to a script and I could have been so much more confident without one.

I think that my box demonstrated my idea well and I had no trouble trying to explain it to the people. My theme statement was: there is a limit from what you can take from nature before there are consequences. I probably could have put a little more effort in getting prepared for the exhibition but I still think tat I could have run a little more smoothly.

Anyways here’s my box:

Thanks for reading!

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