Hi, this is my blog post for my mPOL (midterm proof of learning) this is where i reflect on my learning over the year and find where i can grow.

To start here’s the mandated declaration:

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

Ok great, now that I’ve got that out of the way time to dive right on in to my learning.

To start off I’ll talk about maker, in maker we’ve done projects where we learn things like how to take good photos, how to write in our blogs, which you are reading right now! We also even learned what it means to be a PLP learner. Another one of the projects I enjoyed the most in maker was the making interesting images project where we learned how to take good photos and also how to edit those photos to help tell a story and convey emotion.

A project I struggled more with was the “becoming a PLP learner” project, it was my first project in PLP, and as i had never gone to school before that (i was homeschooled) I found it very hard to manage my time and energy often whenever i sat down to do my homework i found myself jumping between the homework for my different classes and not getting anything done, usually trying to compete a lot of my homework at school so i had more free time and not scheduling enough at home to do work, this worked alright when we didn’t have much homework but when things started getting hard.

I started panicking whenever projects were due soon and i was getting very stressed, after a while i realized i needed to manage my time better, so I changed up my schedule to allow more time for work while still allowing time to let me relax, and this helped a lot.

I still stress out a bit when big projects are due and I still do have a bit of trouble time managing, mostly procrastination, but it is a lot better and I do get everything done, if not exactly on time sometimes a day or so late.

A bit after the becoming a PLP learner project i was also experiencing my second humanities project “The outsiders” where we looked into perspective and worldview in relation to S.E Hilton’s book the outsiders, i struggled with many of the same problems as with Maker but it was quite a bit easier as i y had time to adjust and humanities is more, something.

Anyways here’s the book cover i designed for that project:

Book cover. I made it with procreate. I really wish we had photoshop, HEAR ME TEACHERS?

After i got through the the first month or so things got easier, and I kinda just went through things, so there was:

Power play. For this project we learned about the Middle Ages and how the the quest for power impacted people during the Middle Ages. We learned about the feudal system and the crusades for this project, there was also a day spent on the plague and torture/punishments, so pretty fun overall.

Keynote project slice. Yes i kid you not that’s what it was called, it was basically just, learning how to make animations with keynote, it was like a week long so not really much to talk about there

Making interesting images, i know i already mentioned this one but I feel like i need to talk a little more about it, in this project we learned how to use the iOS/iPadOS camera app to, not just take, but make a interesting photo, for this project we learned about the basics of composition and how to use the rule of thirds, how to use diffrent angles in our photos and how to edit photos to help convey mood.

There was also the geek out blogging challenge which is literally just me geeking out over AI, I’ll just link the post. There is a small rant about WordPress in there too, but just ignore it.

That pretty much is it for what im going to call the between times, basicly all of the projects between the very first few projects and the last few.

I also think the winter exhibition deserves a spot here even only for its pure concentration of chaos, so I’ll talk about it too. The winter exhibition is one of a few exhibitions in PLP where we make some sort of a project, relating to a common theme, which for this one was… one sec, lemme find this. Ah here it is. Ill put it up real big on the screen:

“What does James Cameron’s fantasy world of ‘Avatar’ reveal about our own society?” 

-Pretty much all of the PLP teachers at some point

So we made boxes. Themed in some way about a theme in the movie avatar. And then stood for 4 hours. I’m just going to link the blog post about the exhibition here:

Oh yeah, and after the exhibition we went to see avatar 2. Then i went on winter vacation to Florida. But ended up in Seattle half the time. Long story.

Insert short break to simulate winter break.

So after winter break there was two more projects im going to talk about.

First off we have “Radical innovations” which is sort of a continuation of power play in a way for this project we looked at how ideas from Europe and Asia during the renaissance changed the world. During this project we also learned how to manage out time using things and the calendar. I still need to work on that as i honestly would prefer to just have a piece of paper with thing to do written on it so yeah. I actually just finished this one so here’s the blog post for that one.

There’s a really neat triptych in there. It was fun to make.

There was also “Finding fun with drawing” which kind of felt like a continuation of making interesting images in someway or another, anyways, for this project we made art, we learned how to draw. Not much to say about it, ill just give you a link to the blog post and the favorite piece of art of mine from that project.

Anyways, it seems this post has caught up to me writing this. So, im going to stop writing before i break the entirety of time.

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