My art

Over the past week or so we have been learning how to make drawings, i have collected my works in this book for your convenience.

While making these images we learned how to use the app Sketches Pro to make drawings. we learned useful skills such as how to use perspective,how to shade your art to create depth, how to use contrast to make your art pop.

during this process we created art, critiqued, revised and made out wonderful pieces of art, all while getting more frustrated with my iPad, Sketches pro and just art in general. But at the end of it all it was okay and i ended up with some decent art.

End note:

There are better apps than Sketches pro, for specific jobs but the teachers wont let us use them because “PLP is a totalitarian dictatorship” and “we have considered procreate [a better app] but its too complicated for people to learn”. according to one teacher. (Quotes not exact)

Don’t mind my rants.

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