High school is a lot different than elementary school. The amount of work is crazy!  The work is hard for me and there is a lot of it.  In elementary school Ms. Carla helped me with my work.  Her job was the make sure I didn’t fall behind.  Ben and Shawn help me the social stuff but I think I need more help with the work.  Trying to figure out when things are due and where things are in Showbie and Basecamp is a bit difficult.  However I got sorted out with Basecamp and found more things by January but taking the time to click everything and look around.  I think I am getting the hang of it.



In elementary school I was in class a lot less than I am now.  In grade 8, I am in class a lot more. This means I hear more of the lessons.  This means I can finish my assignments more efficiently.  I feel like that means I am growing as a learner.



I am growing with my group work because I am now volunteering to come to meetings and actually paying attention.   I know my group members are good people so when I finally asked for help they gave it to me.  I wish I asked sooner.



In my Learning Plan I talked about how I need to ask for help more.  I think I’ve been doing that.  Since I now have an LAC block I can catch up on homework with Ms. Brady.  I think this will make a difference.

I am grumpy most of the time in class (minus LAC, PE & Drama). This doesn’t help me with my learning because when I’m grumpy I often don’t pay that much attention.

I personally like it when things are on track & completed ✅.  If I can see a clear list of things to do then I do a better job on the assignment.

I’m taking LAC in semester 2  to catch-up with my work, and sometimes I do homework with my mom. She makes lots of lists and it helps me.  My mom types for me sometimes if I need help so I can just think.



I got better at following directions for the homework. I could have contributed more in class.

I don’t think I did well on DI (Maker) because it is very confusing (especially the finer details). I could have done better by documenting what I learned.  if I had done that I could have easily remembered the steps of DI.


I got better at following keeping up with my assignments. I could have practiced more for The Outsiders tableau.

The Outsiders Reflective Post


I got better at my understanding with science (especially learning about lazars). I could have shared my ideas more during class discussions.

Lazar Laws (Scimatics) was really enjoyable because, I learned so much about Lazars. For example, I learnt that lazars can get stupid powerful (10 million billion watts powerful).

Scimatics Lazar

PE –

I got better at stretching. I could have brought my gym strip more often.

My highlight for PE is golfing

When I am retrying work half the time I’m flexible, half the time I’m not.  It doesn’t really matter what my mood is or subject it is.  I don’t know why my flexibility is … flexible.

When I’m working with a group I’m good at listening to people’s ideas. I need to share my ideas more. Also, sometimes I get stuck & need a break (Especially if the group is loud or if their ideas keep changing).

When I’m stuck, I ask my teacher/EA for help.

Thank you for listening, any questions?

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