Marking History

Are fist project of the school year was about how we as historians can uncover and share stories about are community. To do this we worked with the Deep Cove Heritage Society to update their walking tour of Deep Cove.

To update the walking tour we decided to improve the already existing pamphlet as well as create an online map with more information. We also added more stops. To make all this we were each assigned one of the stops I received Seycove Secondary (my school). To create our markers we did lots of research then wrote a narrative about the history of the location, found a historical photo and made a digital enhancement. My digital enhancement was an interview with a former teacher at the school who had worked there for 34 years and has lived in the area since before the school was built.

Here’s the link to the online map of the walking tour: Map

The competencies for this project were:

Take Historical Perspective: How can we overcome our current concerns, beliefs, and values to understand those of people in the past?
We used this competency when researching the history of our location to make sure we included all the perspective that were presented and that we weren’t being biased.
Writing and Designing Text: Have I used writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create engaging and meaningful texts?
This competency was used in writing or narratives for our markers.
In conclusion this project was really cool. It was a lot of fun to recreate and update the Deep Cove Heritage Society’s walking tour. I also learned a lot that I didn’t know about the community and especially the my school.

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