2023 tPol 😮‍💨

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

As this being my first year of High school and PLP I have overcome so many new obstacles I never thought I would have even encountered. Since the Becoming a PLP Learner post to our last project, the 2023 Spring Exhibition, I have not stopped learning.

Let’s start off by reviewing my learning plan that I created during the first week of PLP, then we will begin to reflect my growth this year, leading to the driving question; Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?



Humanities 📝

 When I first made my learning plan I set my humanities goal as Accomplished ☀️, but then mid-late way through semester 1, after we had finished the Middle Ages project Ms. Madsen (my humanities teacher at the time) suggested I adjust my humanities goal to an exceeding 🌈. That made me proud, however I was jinxed because ever since I adjusted my goal to the rainbow I stopped getting rainbows and was consistently receiving sunshines. Despite the sudden change of marks I am still happy with most of my work. 

However my least proud humanities work this year has to be the Consequences of Colonization project. For my humanities learning plan goal I mentioned that even if I am not the most interested/inspired by an assignment I still should push through, as I tend to lose focus and effort if I am not completely invested. During the Consequences of Colonization project I definitely did minimal effort, and failed my learning plan goal. 

I did make up for my lack of efforts with the Trip to Oregon work we were assigned. I am very proud to say that during our Oregon trip I stayed on track and used my time very wisely to remain timely with my Oregon Journal. This me made me very happy 😊.



 How I stayed organized with my Oregon journal:

  • Filled out pages on the bus while travelling from place to place (even if it was a 5 minute drive I made the most of it)
  • Didn’t allow myself to procrastinate 

during the consequences of colonization I defiantly did not stay as organized.

    Maker 💻

 Maker was just during the 1st semester and was fairly easy. I finished almost every maker assignment with rainbows and we learned how to use our iPads in different ways. I grew so much new knowledge and learned awesome techniques that I can use to improve my work. To help showcase my maker learning we made a project: Making Interesting Images.  This project was fun to put together and really helped organize my maker learning. Overall I am happy with how I did in maker. One of my maker learning plan goals was to learn how to use more tools and techniques with my iPad and I did just that.


Science 🧬 

Science first began in semester 2 and was filled with many fun projects! The class learned all about how our immune system (Small But Mighty), how different environments and factors can affect atoms (Mind Over Matter), and our latest project about continental drift (Journey to the Centre of the Earth). Within each project we had the opportunity to do fun experiments making the class very interesting. The project I struggled the most with in science was definitely keystone three of Mind Over Matter. Everyone was asked to use Scratch (a website that helps you code your own video game) to create their own video game based on what we have learned from the Mind Over Matter project project. Making the video game was very tough for me and it took me a while to get the hang of coding my own game. In the end I did make it through and I created an atom themed trivia game. Now I kinda know how to code!

Small but Mighty poster (by Annie and me)

To answer the driving question, yes I am ready for grade 9. This past year I have reached many of my goals but most of all I have failed! within each subject I have failed multiple which has only made me a more persistent and successful learner. I am excited for what grade 9 will bring me!




2023 Spring Exhibition

For the past month we have been working on our last project of the year, “Medium is the Message.” At the end of the project we  each created an advertisement for a specific business that groups of people were assigned to. Each group interviewed which ever business they were advertising for and asked questions to help create an ad most true to the business. Before creating our ads, we learned the different techniques, appeals, and detail that goes in even some of the most basic ads. For example, many of Ikea’s ads may look simple, but in reality they use certain techniques to help lure in cosumers. We even learned how different colours can give off different emotions or vibes, hospital walls tend to be coloured blue or green as the colours tend to calm and relax people. We took all these new found factors into consideration and made our ads.

My final ad

All my ad drafts and critiques

Ikea ad example

We then showcased the process while making our ad, and our final ad drafts in the 2023 spring exhibition. The spring exhibition was much like the winter exhibition except the spring exhibition came with some improvements, and new roadblocks to learn from.

The spring exhibition had a smoother set up time than the winter exhibition, interactive activities and presentations to entertain the crowd, many snacks, the grade 8s project booths looked great, and there was a steady flow of visitors. The winter exhibition was much more chaotic, and the crowds were very patchy. There was either absolutely no at your booth, or it was packed making it difficult to get through the exhibition. For the spring exhibition there were stamps and maps given out for each room you visited making the flow much more steady and enjoyable for the visitors and students.


Of course there were additional roadblocks that came along with the spring exhibition that the winter exhibition may have not had as much of. All of the grade 8s were in one room making the booths more cramped which made the presentations a little more uncomfortable for us students. Because there was more food in this exhibition, food was also being stolen by fellow students (which is honestly understandable considering we had  yummy treats laid out) but this did create a slight inconvenience. The clean up after the exhibition was also very chaotic which was tough since everyone was very tired and cranky, but we were done in no time. 

Despite the improvement of the spring exhibition, next time I would help encourage more communication within my ad group as our group was a little disorganized and lacked communication. But in the end I think everything went well!

Trip to Oregon!

This May our class had the opportunity to spend a week learning Oregon! Everyday of trip we had fun learning new things. We started off our trip stopping at Cabela’s in Washington, which was one of my biggest cultural shocks of the trip. There were 100s of accessible guns along the stores wall which was very new to me as a Canadian. My top two favourite parts of the trip was when I was able to hold a shotgun in Fort Stevans, and when the class scavenged through the tide pools at Yaquina beach I learned many new sea animals. My personal favourite animal  beating the gumboot chiton, also known as “wandering meatloaf.”

Not only did I learn how to hold a gun and more animals, but I also learned a smaller things. I learned how to survive without wifi, how to tolerate the noisy bus rides, how to have the most effective time management skills, and that packing lightly is very important. 

During the trip I made a journal so I could record everything on the trip. 


Read my book below to see pictures and fun details throughout each day at Oregon!