Trip to Oregon!

This May our class had the opportunity to spend a week learning Oregon! Everyday of trip we had fun learning new things. We started off our trip stopping at Cabela’s in Washington, which was one of my biggest cultural shocks of the trip. There were 100s of accessible guns along the stores wall which was very new to me as a Canadian. My top two favourite parts of the trip was when I was able to hold a shotgun in Fort Stevans, and when the class scavenged through the tide pools at Yaquina beach I learned many new sea animals. My personal favourite animal  beating the gumboot chiton, also known as “wandering meatloaf.”

Not only did I learn how to hold a gun and more animals, but I also learned a smaller things. I learned how to survive without wifi, how to tolerate the noisy bus rides, how to have the most effective time management skills, and that packing lightly is very important. 

During the trip I made a journal so I could record everything on the trip. 


Read my book below to see pictures and fun details throughout each day at Oregon!



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