Here is our final class book!

World War 1. The first “major” war in the worlds history. This project was about learning about it. We read a book, completed milestones and in the end we made a final class book with all the class topics that everybody researched.

When picking the book we had a choice between three different books. Private Peaceful, Generals Die in Bed, and War Horse. Based on your choice you would get put in a group with other people who chose that book. I chose the book called Private Peaceful. This book talked about a character named Tommo and his adventure at home, and during the war. It also talks about his life and how he has had to deal with things in his past. Each week we would read different chapters of the book. We would then complete a task based on that week. It changed every week though, like for example for week #1 we had to write a summary. But, for week #2 maybe we would have to do a drawing, and so on. Reading the book helped us improve 9our reading skills but also understand what soldiers went through while being enlisted and how treacherous living life at that time was.

For Milestone 1 we had to create an artifact explaining the reasons WW1 started. I did mine on the Assassination of the Arch duke. I felt like this was the final straw. There was lots of tension between countries and “having each others back” and the assassination led to a complete “domino effect” with all the horrible events and acts of war following.

Milestone 2 was about researching a soldier. We had to pick a soldier who served in WW1 and do a biography about him. I picked Lance Corporal William Armstrong. You can Find his information on the left.

Milestone 3 was about researching a topic about WWI. I picked the war at sea as I already had some prior knowledge on it. Although my knowledge of the war at sea was based on WWII a lot of the information was very similar to the War at sea in WW1.

Milestone 5 was about putting all of our information together! We took our soldier story, and all of our information on our topic in a book creator. Each person made one book creator that we submitted to Ms. Maxwell. She put them all together in a final book that has been submitted to the Vancouver archives!

The two competencies for this project are…

  • Comprehend: What literacy skills am I using to read, listen, and view texts for understanding?

I believe the most important skill is Text awareness. I am able to use my skill of text awareness to truly understand what I am reading and connect to the text. Reading private peaceful also helped with this because it was able to show me what soldiers went through when they were in war.

  • Take Historical Perspectives: How can we overcome our current concerns, beliefs, and values, to understand those of people in the past?

We can overcome our beliefs values and converses to understand the past because none of those matter. When soldiers were drafted for war nobody looked at what you believed in or your religion. The only factor was if you were able to fight. If your were heard they enough. Religion beliefs, values didn’t matter.


Thanks for reading 🙂