What is identity? Well, google’s definition of Identity is “The characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.” This is a very broad definition. When my class was asked to define identity this is what we came up with,

“Identity is how people and places recognize important things about themselves that make the unique. It is how they separate themselves from others using important aspects of their culture, ideas, language.“

I believe this definition is much more fitting. Now let me explain it a little more in depth. Each person is different and “unique” in their own different way, identity is what makes YOU, you. For example, Ben Is Vietnamese. Ben’s background is part of who he is and what makes him different from other people. The sports he plays, his hair colour, what he wears, his worldview, personality, character, everything that differentiates Ben from other people is part of his identity.

Today in class we made GIFS that represent our identity. In mine I wanted show the biggest part of my identity. My heritage, my sport, and style. I used a picture of myself at Lake Louise In Alberta. I used a double exposure tool to make it look like the water was actually an Italian flag. Also, in Keynote, I added some magic moves. I made a hat of my favourite brand and added a little animation. I also added a soccer ball bouncing on the screen hitting my foot and my face to represent the sport I play.

Click on the image!

I beleive that Identity is both a personal and an “open” aspect of everybody. In class the other day we made these mask drawings that on the front of the masks (where everybody can see) we wrote things that are obvious about ourselves. For example, I wrote soccer player, brown hair, brown eyes, my gender, and more things that are fairly obvious about my identity that somebody could easily assume. But, when you unfolded the mask and you saw our drawings face you would see things that are not so obvious or that are more personal. I really liked this mini project because it helped me understand that you can’t pinpoint somebodies identity just by looking at them and their appearance. There is more to a book than just the cover and it also taught me to never assume anything about anyone because you never know what is on the inside.

Cya next time!