This week was the first week of our new humanities project. The project is called The Greatest Canadian. The past few days we were introduced to it. Here’s what we know so far:

  • We will be making a podcast episode on who we think the greatest Canadian is
  • We need to have at least 1 interview in the episode
  • We have exactly 1 month to complete the project
  • The Canadian who we pick must have lived from 1982-2020

We started by reviewing the definition of the greatest Canadian and discussing with our groups who we think the greatest Canadian is. Greatest means:

”Considerably above the normal average.” So, what does this mean? Well, this states that to be defined as “great” you must be at a higher level than others in that area. Great is also subjective though. It is an opinion. I might believe Micheal Jordan is great (arguably the greatest of all time) but others might not agree and say that LeBron is great while Micheal is just average. We came to this conclusion as a class and it really helped because it is my opinion which means there cannot be a “right or wrong” in this project.

The class then reviewed a list about the “Top 10 Greatest Canadians of All Time.” We discovered flaws in the list as everyone was a white male with one exception.

We will be watching videos and taking notes on all of the people on this list to help us familiarize ourselves with them. We started off with Terry Fox. We watched his video and took notes in any style we wanted.

We also know we will be making a podcast about our Canadian. So, we reviewed our podcast techniques that we learned with Ms. Willemse. Our go deeper assignment was to watch podcasts and tell each other why we liked it and what it is about. I picked a podcast on the Serie A, the biggest and arguably the most well known soccer league in the world. The hosts bring on guests and talk about all the news, trades, coaches, drama etc happening in the league. It is a really interesting take on “news” style podcasts and is very opinionated! Go check it out!

That was the week in a nutshell cya next time!