Week number two of Who is the greatest Canadian completed!✅

Instead of giving you a recap of the week in these types of blog posts I would like to get into our new types of assignments. Each week we are assigned a “Go Deeper” assignment. These assignments get our brains moving and help us understand the deeper meaning of our task. They take a while but once completed are good tools we can use in our summative blog posts to wrap up our projects.

So, lets talk about this weeks Go Deeper assignment. You can check it out for yourself here!

This weeks Go Deeper helped us with Understanding Historical Significance. In our projects, we need to pick who we think the greatest Canadian is. One of our criteria is how were they historically significant? For example, how is Terry Fox historically significant? This Go Deeper was targeted towards this to help us really think, was/is my greatest Canadian historically significant? And Why?

We had the option to listen to two podcast epidsodes. One of them being History of the 90s, and the other being Historical Figures.

I picked History of the 90s. The episode talks about Vanilla Ice. You could say its almost a biography of him. The episode talks about his life, how he got famous AND his lies. Here’s what I wrote as an answer.

I don’t want to spoil the episode but trust me when I say its a banger. You can check it out with the link I provided above or here!

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought about this new type of post in the comments below!