#Nice! Week one of our new project iHeartVerona done! Here is a quick summary…

We analyzed the first few acts of Shakespeare’s play,

Made a co-hosted podcast episode,

And Completed milestone 1.

For this Formative blog post I would like to focus on Milestone 1. And not what I did for it and how that made me write what I wrote because thats just boring. I would like to “asses” my own work and see what I can improve on before getting feedback from my teachers.

Our task for this milestone was to re-write Romeo and Juliet in our own modernized way.

Here is my Completed Milestone 1 first of all:

We learned while watching the movie and reading the plays that the Story of Romeo and Juliet happens in the span of about 24-35hours. My “modernized” version spans over 4-5 days. These things don’t really Align with each other and I could have easily made my timeline shorter for a more accurate assignment.

Another thing that I could fix or improve on next time is to allow myself to be more abstract. Although my topic was different, I tried to closely follow the original Shakespeare plot and I feel like that kind of ruined the potential the story had. An example of this is in my second box. I wanted to mimic the brawl that is going on between the Montagues and the Capulets, I made Russia and the USA have wars as well. In this box/slide I felt like I could have been more original and come up with a different idea as to why the Caps and Montys would conflict. Maybe over something more comedic.

And finally, my biggest constructive criticism to myself. The ending. With a plot like that, I think I could’ve been more imaginative with my ending. Instead of following the real play with R & J killing themselves I could have sent them to the moon to live the rest of their days together. Or sabotaged both the Americans and the Russians so nobody could go to the moon. Anyways, I think that it could have been a cooler ending than them just dying.

That is it for the Week: 1 formative post. Let me know if you liked it and I will see you in a week!