Hello it’s me, Gino, welcome back to my blog.

This is my WordPack, I have words that relate to me. I said kickboxing because I am a kick-boxer, I like to do tournaments which I compete in. PLP is a performance learning program that requires students to use their iPads. Using IPads we are able to do extensive research about   A variety of subjects. We are able travel to learn more about our planet with our iPads. I learned a lot though PLP about iPads like keynotes and Showbie

My lap emoji using My skills in Keynote And this shows What we do in PLP and what app we use this shows off PLP apps and what we do with these apps to use them for PLP both apps WordPack and Keynote are on iOS is the operating system from the iPads that we use every day for PLP

This is a dream board this is an example of a project that we did for PLP We made it using Notability a app that you can get in the App Store we made this on our iPads to show what we appreciate and our dreams

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