What we do in PLP

This is a silhouette I made it with markup and photos. I edited the photo to make it just have my silhouette in doing this I learned how to use a lot of different settings in Photo this is useful because if I ever need to use contrast in photos I know how to do it now.

This is my Angle picture let’s picture teaches us how do use angles these angles can help us to learn how to use angles and to use them to advantage in photos to make them look better and visually

This is a Worms View this view is a perspective from a worm or a very small creature that’s why it’s called a worms eye view this is useful because you can use this view for different projects that you have and you can use different perspectives in the same picture

This view is used for smaller cameras that can’t take that big of a picture so you hold the button and you go slowly across to make the camera see all of the picture this is useful because you can use it in very big areas where you are very close to it this is used for Because you can make multiple different perspective and you can show more of what you need to show.








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