The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was fun to learn about in class because we could learn about a system that we would never live in and we could learn about what happened during that time and what historical events happened that were useful to know. We Learned about the crusades the crusades were about Christianity trying to take their holy land back from Muslims that was interesting because I did not know it happened and I did not know much about crusades or the middle ages so it’s interesting to learn about it. We could learn about the difference between a manor and a town we learn the difference between the Middle Ages and the crusades even though they were in the same time. We learned about how the middle-age people lived in their society and you can compare that to how we live. It’s important to learn about this that we know it’s not repeat history and do something that was not good like the Crusades fighting is never the answer that’s what I think I think it’s important to learn about these certain things because if we don’t Then it could get repeated.

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